Zuckerberg’s New Challenge To Create An Artificial Intelligence System For His Home

Mark Zuckerberg artificial inteligence

As many of you know, Mark Zuckerberg intends each new year a personal challenge. If we look back, the 2015 was reading a different book every two weeks. Previously, the CEO of Facebook also proposed to learn Mandarin Chinese or know a new person every day. Zuckerberg has shared through his personal Facebook page the challenge for the new year.

Mark Zuckerberg aim is to create their own system of voice-controlled artificial intelligence by which to efficiently manage both home and office (To be precise he want jarvis from iron man). Specifically, Mark seeks to achieve from zero to an intelligent voice control, upgrading with features such as intelligent face recognition gates that provide access to home to friends and family after ringing the bell. Explains that the system of artificial intelligence in which work will be helpful when using your voice to control music, lighting and home temperature.

Not only that, it will alert if something is happening out of the ordinary in the room of his daughter Max. As for the labor front, Zuckerberg would like the system to help him visualize data taking advantage of virtual reality. The CEO of Facebook has compared the system of artificial intelligence to Jarvis from Iron Man.

No doubt we are facing a challenge of enormous magnitude, so it will be interesting to get to know the progress of Mark Zuckerberg, who will be sharing through his Facebook profile. Of course it is important to note that this is a personal project, so it has nothing to do with the company.