Working of Router (DHCP&NAT)

Router(wireless) is the most common device we hear when we r dealing with network ,router forwards data packets in the network

what does Router do:

A router(wireless)  is a device which is connected to internet ,what it does is to give net access to many devices with single IP address  this is the reasons educational institutes and hotels and other organizations use router to provide internet access to there students or customers(even employs) ,we can achieve this  even with a switch but they give wired connection and they are devices Datallink layer(OSI model)



Working of router:-Router is a device which operates at Network Layer(OSI model) it uses two protocols called NAT(network address translation) and DHCP( Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) to give connections to devices

what does DHCP do?

nothing  but dynamically gives IP address to a host , in olden days the net work administrator has to enter the net work configuration parameters when ever a device is connected to network


NAT(network address translation):- what does NAT do is simple  it is used  to to map every address of one address space to a corresponding

address in another space,

       private IP address –
Addresses: 16,777,216 –
Addresses: 1,048,576 –
Addresses: 65,536


All the above address a private  IP address and are not recognized in the inter net they  are there to resolve address depletion in IPV4

NAT keep track  of which of the private IP address want to communicate with the IP in internet and removes the private IP in the source IP address in the IP header and adds IP provided by the ISP , in the same way if any message comes in return it knows the private IP to  which  it has to send