Windows8 Will Not Be Updated Anymore

Microsoft will no longer update your operating system from tomorrow, 12 January. Microsoft has announced that Windows8 will no longer update from January 12. The Redmond giant ensures that no more future updates or security patches for the operating system. Therefore, users who continue to use this software after that date will be exposed to various vulnerabilities.

To avoid these security issues, Microsoft recommends that customers of Windows8 to three possible solutions.

  • The first is to upgrade to Windows8.1. free, a remedy that will ensure assistance until 2023.
  • The second is to return to Windows 7, the popular operating system also continue to receive updates through 2020.
  • Finally, the recommended option is to switch to Windows 10, for which Windows8 customers must upgrade to version 8.1. and from there move to the current operating system of Microsoft, which is reaping good numbers.

The decision to end the assistance of Windows8 has its origin in the contract of the operating system, which specifies that no longer received security updates published two years after the last service pack. When considering Microsoft version 8.1. as a service pack and not as an upgrade, the Redmond company has put an end to Windows8 operating system whose initial launch occurred in October 2012.