Windows 10 November Update Has Some Best New Features

The update of November 15 for Windows 10 has a service pack which includes many best performance and also several new features.


A few days ago Microsoft launched one of the biggest updates to date for Windows 10.Initially Windows never followed this model of development, and each time we begin to better understand the new style in which the system will provide us with constant improvements. If not install it, it is the 1511 version of Windows 10, and although many of the changes are under the hood to fix bugs and improve performance, several developments can go to the test because they are functional aesthetic.

To update your system you only have to press the Windows key + R and choose ‘Updating and security’ option. If you have already downloaded the update only you need to manually reboot or program restart. Otherwise, simply start the search for updates manually. It is important to take into account that this is a major upgrade, so it will take longer than usual updates, so try to carry it out in a moment you do not need urgently your PC.

Performance :

According to Microsoft, this Windows 10 update has improved its performance in all tasks, and the starting time has been increased and now is up to 30% faster than the old Windows 7.
Microsoft Edge has also been optimized and has received improvements in performance and safety. Cortana is now available in more countries and languages and is able to recognize handwritten notes raised on touch screens.

New features :

There are several new things you can do with this update, and although not something “otherworldly” thank developments. These are some of the highlights
More tiles on the Start menu: now you can expand a space Extra start menu to add four more columns with shortcut icons. If you like to have everything at hand in this menu, additional space for sure do not feel bad.

Focus Windows: if you want to customize your lock screen with a pretty different picture every day, you can go to the customization options and select “Focus Windows” under the Background” option. This will rotate the image to one that Windows will get the Internet and can tell from the lock screen picture if you like it or not, to put you similar images. change-login-screen-background-windows-10.w654

Cortana understand freehand writing: if you have a PC with touch screen and stylus, you can now write anything and Cortana recognize the text. You can use the feature to create reminders simply writing with the pen.

Resize two windows at once: This update has included a small tweak in Windows that lets you snap two windows resize automatically. That is, when you decide, for example, set a window to half the screen, Windows will automatically adjust any adjacent half window, without having to make the process twice. You can activate it in: Settings> System> Multitasking.


Making cast: as if it were a Chromecast, now Microsoft Edge includes a default function to send multimedia content to any DLNA compatible device. You can send music and videos to your Xbox One for example. Just click the menu button on Edge, and then choose the option that is compatible device on the same network.
Synchronization Microsoft Edge: although we all hope are extensions in the new Microsoft browser, we have to settle with the new cast function, preview tab on the taskbar, and also synchronize bookmarks, settings and list reading between devices. To activate it you only need to press the menu button, go to Settings and select the option to synchronize content.
Install applications on another disk, if you are someone who has a little SSD combined with a normal hard disk space, i appreciate the usefulness of this feature. If you’re configuring Windows> System> Storage You can now choose the default location where your applications, documents, music and videos are stored. This way you can send everything to an external device without even having to think and leaving your primary disk space only for the essentials.