Wifi HaLow A New Low Power Wide Range Wireless Internet

The new model aims to promote wireless Internet connectivity wearables and accessories. Wifi Halow is a wireless network model that seeks to provide greater connectivity to devices such as wearables, technological security cameras and home appliances. The Wi-Fi Alliance, an organization that wants to expand the use of wireless networks, announced Halow features on its official website, a network based on modern technology that allows IEEE 802.11ah integrate wifi 900MHz to enhance indoor coverage, which would be twice the current wireless network.

As reported by the WiFi Alliance, the consumption of this new technology will be at least the same as the current standard wifi, so that technological progress will not cause setbacks in this regard. One problem that it will face be the speed of data transfer, lower than at present to the bandwidth reduction. It is expected that the first devices using this technology come to market in 2018.

Halow actually intended to serve as competition for Bluetooth, a tool that serves as a bridge for those devices that can not connect to the Internet directly and that will update the so-called Bluetooth Smart. Both the technology as the WiFi Halow will compete in the increasingly close Internet of Things, focused on connectivity of objects.