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WhatsApp reaches Firefox OS through an agreement with Mozilla

During the View Source Conference in Portland, Oregon. Firefox show the general public the benefits of OpenMobile ACL, which allow Firefox OS and Android developers to run applications on other systems such as Firefox OS, including WhatsApp.
Mozilla and WhatsApp reached an agreement recently has been known as Hypertext. Both companies are headquartered in Mountain View and WhatsApp finally allowed to distribute the application, which is already available in the Marketplace of Firefox OS, but can not run until you have the appropriate software to the terminal does not receive the OS upgrade to Firefox 2.5, publicly available from, November 2nd.
The application WhatsApp Firefox OS is directly based on the version of Android, and consist of the same features as its counterpart in the Google system. Starts in version 2.12.331, 2.12.317 front aa present in Google Play when publishing the article.
WhatsApp is the largest messaging platform in the world with over 900 million active users per month. Followed by Facebook Messenger with more than 700 million. Both platforms belonging to Facebook, which has opted for a diversified strategy and messaging is reaping its fruits.

Including the application closes two years of delays and promises from operators, hopefully for the sake of the future of Firefox OS not to be late, and such agreements with other producers of Mozilla applications serve to narrow the gap of software available across platforms.