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WhatsApp Gold Is A ‘Malware’ To Steal Your Data

Several WhatsApp users on their smartphones have received a notice to download a Gold version of the whatsapp application, but really this update hides a malicious malware that can steal user data. The danger of this virus has not yet been completely eliminated and it is spreading rapidly on the internet .whatsapp_gold

WhatsApp Gold is presented as a “secret version” of the popular chat that until now was only accessible by celebrities and supposedly includes tools such as video calls or deleting messages on android and other platforms. Through this false advertisement, cyber-criminals lure the user to install the update on there mobile device in order to gain users personal information, but for the moment it is unclear what information can be compromised. In any case, security experts recommend those affected to use a virus to erase any trace of malware or, as a last resort, do a full format to return the terminal to its factory state.

It is not the first time WhatsApp is used for criminal purposes. Last month a similar fraud also invited users to update the application to get the possibility to make video calls, a long-awaited feature by users of the app but currently still need some time before publication so official.

“So how these malware spread gets started?”

If you check your phone, you’re probably into several groups. Several family, friends, work, the people that salts spree, so how easy it is to copy a message and send it to another group, the spread is almost child’s play. In fact, something similar happened with those messages if many were sending your subscription WhatsApp (those costing less than one euro per year) would become free.

That’s how it started circulating a message that we offer to download an advanced version of WhatsApp  called WhatsAppGold. In fact, we are assured that this version of the program we can have functions like video calls, delete messages we want or to be able to send more than a hundred photos at once. All this, as we have indicated before, lie.Screenshot_2016
As you see a message that puts something like “it has been leaked secret WhatsApp Gold, a premium version used by famous celebs and now you can also use”, it is best to delete it as soon as possible and do not follow the link you sent, it is a hoax that will install malware on your mobile phone.

“Know if your WhatsApp is hacked”
WhatsApp Gold, a canard

Interestingly, the canard about WhatsApp Gold is not new. Already in 2014 it began to circulate on the web, and now accompanies a text in which we ensure that we download a premium version that could only use those chosen so far. And the problem is that a link that supposedly leads to the download of the program will be settling a virus that will steal our data and we could even control our smartphone.whatsapp gold malware
Although it is unclear what data stolen from our phones, it is clear that it will be anything that gives them more options to access our phone or any other data. Our information will be sent to a remote server that accesses the WhatsApp Gold program and our data stored there.

As always, you have to be very careful with applications that install both on our mobile phones and computers. In fact, it is best to install only those programs that come from official distributors. And should not be totally sure, pass a virus to our device.

In case you have installed WhatsApp Gold, it is best to reset your phone to factory settings to remove all traces of malware that we have introduced unconsciously in our terminal. As always better to be safe and not rely on any of the hoaxes that are circulating in the network every bit

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