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Whatsapp For Android Beta Now Allows To Stream Videos While Downloading

WhatsApp is currently working on a new feature for their platform which helps in viewing the video while it is still being downloaded in the background using a cellular or a Wifi connection.  Recently, WhatsApp has also rolled out a new feature to its app which makes users easy to make video calls. Now after this feature completely rolling out, they have now started working on this new feature and is also presently available to Whatsapp For Android beta users who get the privilege of using new features very soon during the testing stage even if it not rolled out officially.

Whatsapp For AndroidBefore the availability of this feature, there was only an option of download when a video is received by the user. But now with this feature you can find an option of streaming, when the video is being downloaded in the background and the partial parts downloaded can be viewed inside the app itself. Later after the completion of downloading the video file you can stream the video on your system video player or any other video player available.
Stream Videos While Downloading inWhatsapp For Android

Anyways we can very soon expect the WhatsApp to roll out this feature for all platforms in the coming days. Also, this feature is for now available only for beta testers of Whatsapp For Android. And this feature is at present not available for Windows and iOS users and they will need to wait till the official rollout of the app with this feature. If you are an android user then you can even sign up as a beta tester and enjoy this feature and several other upcoming features in the Future as a tester before the official release.

Stream Videos While Downloading in WhatsApp For Android

You can signup as a beta tester from Google play store or directly from here (LINK) and enjoy the testing features as soon as available.