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8 Best Weight Loss Apps for Android, iPhone & Windows

8 Amazing Weight Loss Apps

For years many people wanted someone to help them lose weight. A personal trainer some times or Someone who remind you how many calories are in a food. A person who encourage you to get on the scale.

Every year the same story i have to lose weight. But now I have allies who can help you win the battle against the extra kilos diet apps.

I will not say that smartphones have filled the gap, because it would not be true but it is true that there are applications that have really helped so many people to be more conscious of what they eat . And winning that battle, according to nutrition experts, is winning half the war.
They are virtual scales, wizards that help you write down what you eat, and sometimes pairings. Are dietetic assistants for mobile, and here I’ll present the best for Android, iPhone and Windows phone.

Best Apps For Weight Loss Tracking Android, iPhone and Windows :

1.) MyFitnessPal: This has the largest catalog of food

MyFitnessPal, also known as Calorie Counter, is one of my favorite diet apps. Their database has over three million different foods and over 350 exercises. The initial survey helps define realistic goals, but the best is the social part if a friend uses the app, you can see how much weight they have lost or gained. A safe choice.It has many other apps for activity tracker which helps you in burning the calories and keep track of your activities to loose you weight.


To download visit below links :

2) Noom : helps in removing pounds need not be difficult

Noom is an app that records activities, calories and body measurements (weight, waist circumference). Upon payment of a small fee, Noom also provides tips for a healthier lifestyle, and provides motivation groups with people who share similar goals.


To download App visit below links :

3) Lose It : dietary app get you hooked to fitness

Lose It! Another classic is full of interesting features. For starters, it has a lot of goals that can be defined and on, as sleep, hydration, steps, body fat, measurements, and so on. Another strong point is the connection to devices like Fitbit, Jawbone and other apps like RunKeeper, but for that you have to buy the premium version. how to workout


To download App visit below links :

4) Monitor your Weight : For those who do not want trifles

If you do not like full of bright colors and my new-age advice, then Monitor Your Weight is for you. His approach is more sober and technical list you point your weight, the calories you eat and get a graph and table view without frippery summarizing the current state of your weight. Perfect for those who go to business app.


To download App visit below links :

5) Bing Health & Fitness:

The health app Microsoft, available only for Windows Phone, not only helps you keep track of diet and physical activity, but also provides articles on health and lifestyle. Something unique about this app is the medical symptoms checker, a sort of first aid manual. It is one of the best options for Windows Phone.


To download App visit below links :

6) Ideal Weight : best virtual scale

Ideal Weight is a simple app, but has one of the most original and intuitive designs I’ve seen. To enter weight and height you only have to move a couple of strips, and then the app tells you what your body mass index (BMI), a very useful thing to know if you are at your ideal weight (hence the name the application).


To download App visit below link:

7) FitBit : the power to be worn on the wrist

FitBit is a successful brand tracking devices in physical activity, and its official app of the same name. It is available for iPhone and Android. Although it syncs with wearable brand (its big advantage), allows you to enter data by hand even from the web. There is a premium plan that adds additional options.
To download App visit below links :

 8) Fitocracy : get fit can be a game

Imagine a game where you get points to improve your physical shape, and in which you can complete “missions” for even more points. Fitocracy  is just that, an app that makes weight loss and exercise in a social game. In addition to groups and friends you follow, you have items. Disadvantage: for now is only in English.


To download App visit below links :

 The other ingredient for weight loss is in your head

None of these apps will make you lose weight like magic, but  you and you alone have to stay motivated  .These Apps will just act as catalyst and help you achieve more easily than if you used the classic pen and paper system.

Do comment about your success with workouts and share your views on latest apps .

good luck with your workouts and happy browsing 🙂

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