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Using Multiple Whatsapp Accounts On Your Android Without Rooting

multiple whatsapp accounts

WhatsApp without doubt is one of the most popular messaging applications, but we are restricted to using only one WhatsApp account on our Android device. Today we will see how to overcome this limitation.

Here is the solution for using multiple whatsapp accounts is an Android device , OGWhatsApp is one such application which will allow us to run multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single phone.

Multiple Whatsapp Accounts on Android With OGWhatsApp

OGWhatsApp is an application for Android that lets you use two separate WhatsApp accounts on your Android device without the need for root. If you have a DUAL SIM, maybe you want to have two  WhatsApp accounts on your smartphone to your two phone numbers right?

You can still use your regular WhatsApp account on your smartphone, and follow these steps to run a different account in OGWhatsApp.

Steps to install and use OGWhatsApp :

  • Make a full backup of your data and restauralos WhatsApp.
  • Removes all data from WhatsApp, go to Settings> Applications> WhatsApp> Clear data.
  • Rename the sdcard / WhatsApp to / sdcard / OGWhatsApp directory. You can use any file manager for Android to make this task.
  • WhatsApp uninstall the original application on your Android device.
  • OGWhatsApp now installed on your android smartphone.
  • Once installed, be sure to check your old number previously signed up with the original WhatsApp in OGWhatsApp.
  • Now reinstall the official app WhatsApp with your other number.
  • You can now enjoy two separate accounts WhatsApp two phone numbers to your Android device without root.