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Use Windows 8 and 8.1 in your Own Language/ Any Language

Want to use your computer in your own language then check out this post. You can completely replace or install aside with English language  on your computer including the input system too. I.e you can give input in your own language.

Installing languages ​​in Windows 8.1

Installing Language Packs for Windows in all its versions is free (which does not happen with Office btw). A language pack can work for keyboard input method, or the entire system. The keyboard layout can be changed to Spanish even if you have your system in English or vice versa. But to have all Windows in Spanish, you need to download and install the language pack, which also include spell checking.

Steps to be followed :

  • Firstly go to the Control Panel , you can access it by simply pressing the Windows key + S and write the control panel search box or write directly from the home screen. From here, choose the option Clock, language and region .
  • Then click on Language or add a language .
  • If your installation is in English simply Be guided by symbolic icons.
  • click the option Add a language ,and you will list all you have available. Languages ​​like English and Telugu have different variations by country,choose and then click Open to select your version by clicking on Add .
  • After clicking language settings, you can install and activate it.

You can assign as the main language, you can delete other languages ​​and select the keyboard input method for each language.

Switching between languages ​​keyboard input method

Now, if you have installed more than one language, or more than one active input method from the previous step, you can switch between the two easily from the taskbar as shown in the below image or you can directly make use of shortcut key Windwos+ Space Key

english languags

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