How to Use Pushbullet to Ease Transfer Between Your Devices

This is one of the great service to use for transferring data between your ios-to-mac,android-to-windows devices and lot more .Want to check out all the cool stuff it can do then this is the right place to know.

Maintaining files and syncing tasks between your smartphone and your computer is essential nowadays. Thanks to the power of our phones and tablets, now they can work wherever we are almost like if we did with a computer.We present PushBullet, a service that lets you easily sync files between your Android and your PC.




These are some of the steps to be followed to use pushbullet

  1. Firstly install the application on your Android and open your website in your browser.
  2. After that, we can transfer any files between devices such as text documents, lists, shopping lists, addresses,

PushBullet recognizes kind of information we are sending and accordingly, display it in one way or another. For example, if i send an address, PushBullet recognize that this is it and it will display a notice on our device which, when opened, open’s the address in Google Maps. If you send a list of tasks (or purchase, if applicable), PushBullet display it in a list, so that we can check off what we have already completed.

Probably most of you may think that with Dropbox and similar services you can use these services, but the really interesting thing is that PushBullet recognizes what we transfer and interpret and Also, always shows us a notification to keep us updated.

After the complete renovation of a few weeks ago, Pushbullet now in its new update focuses on implementing security encryption to-peer communication with our Android Computer for the reflection of notifications, SMS and universal clipboard.

To keep privately the information exchanged between your Android and computer may encrypt all data using AES-GCM 256 with authentication. This point-to-point encryption is activated from the layout of Pushbullet for Android, where you have to put a password that will turn encrypted using PBKDF2. Pushbullet puts all means of security for anyone to intercept our notifications, sms or copied text.

This new update also brings other innovations such as the synchronization of the SMS is now faster and uses less data, we can select and delete multiple Pushes at a time, and we can erase our entire history from the settings.

In Google Play : Pushbullet


Well you can download it from here PUSH-BULLET

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