Use Oldweb To Visit Older Versions Of Any Webpage With Browsers Of That Time


Although there are platforms to search for web archives, today you will know about a tool that allows to do it a bit differently. It is, besides allowing us to visit the old version of any current web, helps us recreate the experience using different browsers at the time.

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Specifically, the is able to emulate Windows, Mac and Linux as well as older versions of browsers such as Safari, Internet Explorer and even Netscape, quite popular a few years ago. Thus, Oldweb is responsible for providing exactly the user experience we obtained a few years ago when surfing the Internet. In general, the operation of the website is very simple. After you log in to the web we have to choose the operating system and web browser you want to use, and indicate the web page you want to visit and the date of the version you would like to access. Given the influx website, chances are we indicate the web take some time to load, but once done will allow us to navigate without any problems.

You can visit Oldweb through the link below.