How To Run Multiple WhatsApp Accounts On iPhone Without Jailbreak

multiple WhatsApp accounts on iphone

You must have wondered whether it is possible to have more than one whatsapp account on an iPhone. The response so far was always no, that too without applying Jailbreak to it. There is a new method that allows us to have Multiple WhatsApp Accounts On iPhone.

The installation and configuration of this method is very simple. Simply download a modified WhatsApp to be put into operation and, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, without applying the jailbreak. In addition, you can use this method for all versions that have come out so far IOS 9, that is, from iOS 9.0 to iOS 9.2.

Important safety warnings :

Before we get into flour and explain the procedure for setting up Multiple WhatsApp Accounts On iPhone it is important to mention the issue of security. The method is to install a modified app WhatsApp and authorize the use of a profile on our iPhone. This means we’re downloading a software we’re not 100% sure their origin and, besides this, setting up a profile on our smartphone could well be intercepting all our communications.

Before explaining the installation steps we make this warning and let you decide if you are willing to take the risk in exchange for two counts of WhatsApp on your iPhone.

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Steps to have Multiple WhatsApp Accounts On iPhone without Jailbreak


Steps :

  1.  Make sure you have installed the official app WhatsApp and activated with your regular phone number.
  2. Open Safari on your iPhone.
  3. In the address bar enter this URL:
  4. A site will appear with Arabic text and a list of applications. WhatsApp You must select 2 and then play on the green button with a download icon that appears.Whatsapp-2-on-iPhone
  5. It will start downloading the modified app in your Springboard will see a second icon WhatsApp.
  6. At one point you will be asked to accept a certificate. The text is also in Arabic, even if all you do is click on the Install button.whatsapp-iphone-without jailbreak
  7. Once you installed you go to Settings – General – Profiles and verify the profile you want to install “VNE Software and Technology” by tapping on Trust.   Whatsapp-2
  8. Now you will see a popup asking to confirm the trust.
  9. Now simply open the whatsapp app that you recently installed and then register your second number there and then follow the installation guide.

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That’s it. The download of the app can be quite slow depending on the saturation of the server where it is hosted. Once finished, you can run the and configure your second account of WhatsApp similar to that already had in the original iPhone. Yes, you need a second phone number on which to receive the SMS confirming the activation. Multiple WhatsApp Accounts On iPhone

What do you think of this process? You will install the WhatsApp 2 on your iPhone? Of course it’s interesting to everyone who needs to use a second account on your iPhone, while there is no official alternative could be a solution to consider.

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We do not know how long Apple will leave the door open to this method. It is possible that the next update of iOS blocked it, so that you’re interested … Hurry to take advantage!