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Use Latest Netflix Tool To Know Your Internet Speed

The Netflix platform released a tool fast.com that you can use to check how your internet connection is doing with a quick and easy utility that lets you check your connection speed in real time. Notable thing about this utility is you can easily put your shoddy hostel Wi-Fi to the test when you’re backpacking across the globe and you don’t need to be a Netflix subscriber to use it.
Assume you’re watching your favorite TV show on Netflix, comfortably on your couch, when suddenly it stops at the most exciting moment and a small red circle, which rotates incessantly, as if you challenge him appear 😉 , but you know well that it is your wifi connection and you have not much to do.

We all want a faster, better internet, yet internet speeds vary greatly and can be affected by other users on your network or congestion with your internet service provider” wrote Netflix vice president of content delivery architecture David Fullagar in a blog post.

The streaming platform knows very well about their users and the hiccups in streaming videos, that this time they launched a tool that lets you check the speed of your Internet connection, both mobile data and broadband, so that at least do not surprised when the movie you’re enjoying it stops.

This is the website called fast.com, with accessible design and neat will allow you to check the download speeds that you receive from your internet service provider (ISP), when you perceive a fault and thus can have more control and knowledge of your personal connection.

This tool works same as others that are available worldwide, including speedtest.net, and the results are similar.

Just click on the button ‘play’ and wait a few seconds, you will know the conditions under which is your Internet service. All users want a Netflix is the best and fastest connection, but the speed varies greatly and can be affected by other network users or provider congestion each person.

The company explains that this speed test consumer index differs from Netflix ISP speed. Fast.com measures your personal connection at any time, works in any country and is free for everyone, regardless of whether or not you are a member of the platform.