Ultimate Guide to Save Your iPhone Battery Life

“iPhones” the revolutionary device that changed the views of millions and has set its own benchmark in the world of Smartphones. Having an iPhone has become the greatest privilege and are fun and useful and the quote ” If you dont have an iPhone you just don’t have an iPhone” is simple enough to tell about it.But all that usefulness and classy looks come at a price. And the prize is battery life which can be a bit awful if you do not keep track of what you are doing. My brother has got an iphone5s and it can’t even last a day – and he just use it for calls, messages, mail and few productivity apps. But what if someone who uses it for games and other apps? features like live wallpaper are one of the major reasons for battery draining on iPhone’s.



So if at all you are reading this obviously you must have some battery draining problem 😉 So Here i will guide you with few tips which will  help you to fix and improve iPhone battery life.

Tips To Fix iPhone Battery Drain problem :

Even some of my friends faced Battery drain problem quite often .Imagine when you are out and you are out of battery and have to carry an extra battery-pack or recharging your iPhone. So, if you are also one of those iPhone users who is tired of iPhone battery draining problem(specially iphone5), follow all the minute changes mentioned bellow.I have tested the below mentioned changes and hopefully you will be satisfied 🙂 .

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Some Basic Changes :

1) Fix your brightness setting :

Don’t put your phone Brightness levels to its max make use of your phone’s light sensor and put it on Auto-Brightness which will automatically adjust your screen’s brightness levels based on light around it.

If at all you want to adjust manually just slide the bottom of your screen and you can find brightness slider

volume and brightness control

2) Manually Lock your Screen :

May sound stupid but make it a habit of locking your iphone screen after use. If you feel it uncomfortable no worries you can also shorten the time to auto-lock by adjusting it in the Settings as shown.

iphone auto lock

3)Stop your Background Processes:

Unwanted background  processes can drain lots of battery juice. So i suggest that you exit all the opened process which you may not use.This can be done by pressing your home button twice and swiping away the unused running apps.  

Slide2Kill 7 Cyd

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4)Disable Spotlight search:

Spotlight search is a time saver but at the same time it will exhausts the phone battery so better turn it off .


Some Advanced Changes :

5)Disable Location Services:

Location services are dam good and are really useful,but keeping it turned on for all apps can drain-up your battery juice. So i suggest you select which app should use location services under the Privacy block of the Settings.

Note: Make sure you enable your location services when you are travelling because you may need maps or even useful when you misplace iphone and you can use find my iPhone service to locate your phone.


6)Stop apps from auto-updating:

The auto-update feature introduced with iOS 7 is useful in one way but auto up-dating unnecessary apps obviously leads to draining your battery.So instead you choose when to update your apps by going to the Updates settings in iTunes and App Store under settings.


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7)Turn off Connectivity Settings when not in use:

whenever turned on , Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G/4G or LTE all of these drain the battery .So if you want to save battery u have to make a habit of disabling these settings to lock your battery level at its top level.


8)Limit Notifications: 

You must have observed your iPhone wakes up every time it receives a notifications whichever app caused the notification will thereby use up your battery juice. You can prioritize your notifications to only the most important you need by setting to Do Not Disturb the Privacy section under Settings,is also a great way to turn off the least important notifications quickly.


9)Disable or Turn off dynamic backgrounds:

Parallax and dynamic backgrounds introduced  in iOS 7 ,these are eye-catching but drain battery juice.The advanced motion and 3D effects are awesome but do not add much functionality to your phone. So you wanna save your battery hmm have to disable Parallax by looking under Accessibility in the General block of Settings and switch back to standard wallpapers.



10. Buy an extended battery pack

You might think that turning off all of these things then why did you bought an iphone,now come-on iphone is an iphone 😉 dont you think.So if at all you don’t want to disable services and turn-off few settings mentioned above i suggest you to invest on buying an external battery.


Here is a bonus tip if you don’t want to do the above mentioned suggestions

I belief this article was Brief and useful for you.If at all you feel anything to be changed or any quires feel free to ask through comments. Keep on tracking the tech on techntrack.org and Happy surfing 🙂

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