Ultimate Guide to Boost Up Performance of Your Android Phone

Nowadays Google have expanded its ANDROID market all around the world and available in many devices like smartphones , tablets and there are some problems regarding maintenance . As time pass by they will slow down this is why it’s important to maintain your smartphone’s smoothness by following  few easy steps mentioned in this article.

1.Software updates
The firm wares fix some lag, bug, and other issues that you may not be aware of  so updating regularly will ensure the best performance for your phone. And make sure you follow correct steps while updating your device and make sure your phone is fully charged else if the updating process is suspended your device may get stoned . In many devices you can find this
option in  settings ->software updates.


2.Internal Memory  

sometimes a low internal memory could be the reason behind any severe lag that your device is experiencing.

  • Move your media (pictures, mp3 files, videos, and so forth) to an SD card.
  • Some low-end and mid-range smartphones might already have low internal memories, in which case, moving your files to the SD card won’t help that much.

settings->apps->internalstorage(click on the app you want to move and then)->move to phone storage(sd card).
3.Scheduling Apps
There will be some junk files like cache , residual files , obsolete apk’s stored in your device which are created for some apps and left behind after use. So you have to remove these unwanted data files from your device which is hard to do manually so there are some apps which will do it for you like .    Auto task killer, Cache cleaner, Antivirus, Juice defender . As an android user i prefer “clean master app “(to clean your cache and junk files and has auto task killer with it ) you can get it from Here and for antivirus i prefer Mcaffe or AVG antivirus .

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4.Reset  to factory defaults
It is better if you could restore your phone setting once in 4 months .Make sure you restore your phone after you back up your apps and stuff. Else you will lose all your data and paid apps. Still this is a temporary but effective solution , because as you use your phone again, it will lag as it used to do.


5.Root the phone

Rooting gives you additional options to do with your phone. Although rooting is a risky solution, Unsuccessful rooting process might brick your phone (it will malfunction). In addition, a successful root will void your warranty. However, you can always unroot the phone (and you will restore your warranty, as the manufacturers cannot tell if you rooted your phone before or not). Here’s a list of things that you can do after rooting your phone:

  • Over clocking your phone’s processor. This will ultimately speed up your phone, but will eat up more battery juice than before.
  • You can also install a custom ROM. The ROM is basically the version of android installed on your phone. A custom ROM is not an official one, but some of them are better. While this might solve many of your android smartphone problems, including lag and having a newer version of android, it is a very advanced, risky and not a recommended solution, because sometimes the custom ROM might not be stable, or might contain bugs and missing features that are found in the official ROM.
  • Rooting also gives you access to more advanced applications, root memory managers. The root memory manager is usually better than the auto task killer application.

some tips :

  1.  Restart your device once in a while which will stop all running apps and bring your  phone to normal stage.
  2.  Remember that your device also have its limits so better delete some unused apps else your phone will get slow .
  3. Most of the android devices have a built in task manager which shows you all the background apps (running apps) and lets you selectively remove them from memory.
  4. Keeping them running will pull them up faster when you need them, but beyond a point, too many apps will slow the device down. the app manager is usually pulled up with a long press on the home or options button.
  5. Android device with lots of apps and mainly launchers and live wallpapers  could kill battery so better have a battery saver app.
  6. Always backup your apps and media before you root or reset to factory defaults.
  7. when you download apps and stuff from market make sure they are certified and trusted sources else they will corrupt your device with all kinds of malware ,adware and virus so better have a Antivirus too .In this era of technology and comprehensive online market available you will get lots of apps to increase your android speed from many market places but it is always advised to download or buy stuff from  Play Store.

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