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Twitter Updates Its Official Rules For Respect And Freedom Of Expression

Earlier this year, former CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo, publicly said he was ashamed of the evil trolls and abusive messages on the platform and pledged to take action. something that was reflected shortly on improving the tools to denounce these situations and increasing the staff assigned to review the reports.

Thus, in the same line as his predecessor, who now leads the multinational Jack Dorsey decided to finally update their employment rules for respect and freedom of expression.

The Twitter Rules update

twitter new rulesNow it leaves no doubt to emphasize absolutely clear that the company “will not tolerate any behavior whose purpose is to harass, intimidate or frighten to silence the voice of another user.”We believe that the protection against abuse and harassment is a vital part of enabling people to express themselves freely on Twitter” they said.

Specifically, the policy includes a new section that refers to the “Self-harm”, ie those common platform to state their intentions of suicide and / or injured .; a statement to that Twitter will opt for contact the person and offer help, putting you in touch with its partners “in the area of ​​mental health.”

Censorship also “creating multiple accounts with overlapping use”, which would entail the suspension of the account and whose application will allow railway combat those, such as ISIS, amply used with questionable purposes. The company also emphasizes that “no one is allowed to threaten or incite violence, including terrorist threats or incitement to it.”

Something which, incidentally, agrees with the proposed bill by the US Congress that would require operators of social networks and other companies to inform the relevant authorities of any terrorist activity that are detected by.

The revision also clarifies that the promotion of violence will not be permitted “by reason of their race, ethnic origin, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation or age.” Previously, the term referred only to the “promotion of violence against others”, without going into the reasons.

Regardless of the rules, the company stressed that the safety of users is vital for the company, “something we continue to work hard with the intention of improving. The changes this week are the latest steps in a long-term, “they said.