Now You can Easily Report Abusive to Twitter

Yes now you can easily report the abusive to Twitter directly from your account in simple steps. Twitter made is so easy for it’s users to report the harassment and abusive on Twitter right from there account.

Twitter said in a blog post that the company had many improvements to it’s backend review tools to improve the response time to take action on the reported content by the users.

Twitter is a such a big social networking site where there are 500 million tweets per day. From such huge amount of tweets finding  out the tweets which are breaking the twitter community guidelines is really a big task for the company. Hope the company had improved it’s backend systems and tools very well to filter the bad content reported by it’s users.

This update is currently only available to only few people on Twitter, Company said in blog post that this update will be available for every one very soon in coming weeks.

And Twitter said that it is working hard to make the community better. And the company also said users can expect few more settings and updates in this area.

You can have a look at this embedded content below, How it is going to be.

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