Trending Top Music Apps For Your Android Phone

There is never enough music.Never again will have to rely on the radio, and you have the ultimate music machine in your pocket .Fortunately, Android makes us easy task to quench our thirst for music releases with ever more intuitive and functional applications . I do not even talk about the iPod. Download these application’s and enjoy all the music you will ever need without having to download or sync any song ……… 

Top Music Apps for Android



SoundCloud to discover, listen, share and comment original music through an attractive and simple interface. Furthermore, with this app you can keep up with the latest music news or listen to your favorite radio programs and podcasts. SoundCloud, with over 250 million active monthly users worldwide, has become one of the most influential musical social networks in recent years, thanks in large part to the support of international artists who have been encouraged to use the platform. 
you can get it from Download SoundCloud



Have you ever gone out there and you were left wanting to know what was the song playing? Shazam helps you recognize any topic that sounds around you by pressing the button to Shazamear”. Additionally, this app includes many features that allow you to share your discoveries on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, biographies and discographies consult artists or sing while you read the lyrics to “LyricPlay” among other options. 
you can get it from Download Shazam 


Music apps for android
Humming that song that takes days stuck in your head and you SoundHound discover who his interpreter. It’s that easy. More than 150 million users are already enjoying the virtues of this application, which includes such interesting features like music recognition, real-time updates from Facebook and Twitter profiles of artists and the option to buy or play your music favorite.
you can get it from  Download SoundHound
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