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Track Santa Claus With These Two Locators by Google And Microsoft

Every year children repeat the same question. How can Santa Claus or the Three Kings come to every house in the world? Now you can respond 😉 .Because the demand to pick up that old man is higher than ever Google and Microsoft have worked on their respective Santa Claus locators.

For Google, which has great tracking stuff with it, it is a tradition to create minigames and events related to Christmas, and this year could’nt be less. The Google Santa Claus  locator is based, of course, on Google Maps.


Santa Claus locators to learn more about the world and have fun

On the map we can see how the affable red jumps from city to city, with a forecast of when it will come to each location on the right side, in addition to the weather forecast. Here we can also see the photos taken by the elves, like a social network Instagram style. We can access the locator on its website, or with an extension for Chrome.

Google has also released Christmas-related games. In one of them we have to follow the dance steps of the elves, repeating movements or dancing on our own. In others we have to drop gifts into the houses, or mark the location of where they need to go. You can access these games on the same Santa Claus web locator .
santa tracker 2
For its part Microsoft has partnered with the American NORAD for their own pager. This is not as nice as Google, but it is more spectacular as it is in three dimensions and can fly with Santa Claus around the globe. If you click on the locations automatically we find related information in Bing.

bing santa tracker
In addition, Cortana will also respond to us with the location of Santa Claus during the day.