Top 10 MultiPlayer Offline Android Games

In the resent past most of the popular games on Android, Windows, iOS have moved to online format specially multiplayer offline android games like Clash of Clans, Army Force Online, Pocket Fleet Multiplayer and so many other games too.The number games moving to completely online are increasing from day to day, it is always fun playing online multiplayer games when we have fast internet connection with higher bandwidth and especially WiFi at home, but it is not possible all the time to play online right.

Most of the developers like to set there game online only so that they can  monetize on Add’s, but still there are developers who put there games open for Bluetooth or local network play which keep you and your friends entertained.

So today I have decided to apprise you with Top Free Online Multiplayer Games for Android.

Below are the list of Top 10 Multiplayer Offline Android Games



Because of the game-play the first thing that comes to mind about this game is awesome,               With DUAL on your smartphone you’ll be able to turn two Android deices into bullet-shooting, retro-style spaceships. This game can be played via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, So all you need to have is enough battery (Running out battery? then check out tips to save battery ) , There are 2 modes in which you can play this game DUEL and DEFEND.

You can find this at DUAL for android.


We’ve covered BADLAND before, but since it’s such a great offline game, we had to include it in this collection.


Badlands is a popular game on android platform and its a game about skill and quick reflexes its all about timing and taping. You can explore a wild and dark ground while guiding gruesome and unearthly birds which can be crushed at any time by stones or gears on different landscapes.

You can find this at BADLAND for android

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3: Micro Battles

Micro batteles

All you need is one device for playing Micro Battles, it may be one of the simplest games in the market. This app works just like Mario Party, this is a head-to-head mini games that only require you to press one button, well  don’t worry more mini games are unlocked as you play.   Battles are changed on a daily basis, so make sure you open the game every day for more challenging level.

You can find this at Micro Battles for android

4: Reactor


Reactor is a two-player game but played on a single phone this gives you and your opponent a task, and checks who completes it faster and it is like a multiplayer battle of reflexes 😛 . These tasks are based on 17 mini-games which include finding prime numbers, type of face expressions ans so on.

You can find this at Reactor for android

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5.Pocket Tanks

Well this is a classic, one-on-one games that puts you and your friend against each other to see who has the best aim to destroy their opponent.This is really simple and cool, specially the kind of weapons used are so cool. One of the best indie games till date.

You gotta pay $4.99 in-app-purchase to unlock additional cool weapon packs.


You can find this at Pocket for android

6: Curve Wars

This is a most challenging game till now in this roundup. Here every player have to draw their line left or right and try to avoid touching another player’s line or the edge border. This is a bit similar to old classic snake game we play on mobiles.


You can find this at Curve wars for android

7: Chain Reaction

“Chain reaction” cool name for a cool game simple game but fun to play with friends, all you have to do is you need to place colored dots across the board, and once you stack 4 dots of the same color in one cube, it will explode and change the color of all the surrounding dots to your color.

chain reaction

You can find this at Chain reaction for android

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8: BombSquad

Here in each game, you can control a character that can pull bombs out of air and throw them at your opponents. one can also keep an eye out for item drops throughout the level to help increase your destructive power. This is a bit similar to Bomberman.

bomb squad

You can find this at Bombsquad for android

9: Spaceteam

This game is part of a crew trying to successfully complete an intergalactic flight, but instead of your instructions being given directly, they are given to one of your teammates. Right when you start the game, each of you will be forced to immediately start yelling your orders and listening for instructions that could be intended for your control layout.

Believe me this is game brings the loudest side of your voice 😛 .

space team

You can find this at Space team for android

10: Air Glow Hockey

Lastly here is Glow Hockey this is a competitive game, well its much fun to play with your friend. You will only need one device to play this game but this is really fun .

glow hockey

You can find this at Air glow hockey

Well these are the best multiplayer games on android. I hope this article was useful and i am sure you must have liked these games.  Any suggestions feel free to comment below .

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