Top Android Games Of January 2016

January of 2016 saw many of the most interesting games in the play store. The games were found in almost of in each and every category. Even the competition among the developers were high and some of them were able to get to reach to its target. So here in this post we are going to present you the list of Top android games of 2016 which you must never miss trying out.

1. The incorruptibles

THE-INCORRUPTIBLESThe incorruptibles is a real time strategy game that combines intense with a deep levels and powerful heroes to unlock. You in this game need to expand your kingdom by the battle against evil. The game has good interface and have real time Hero control. You can have the upgrades on the go. This game is actually a hero based strategy game with a good game play.

2. BLEACH Brave Souls

bleachBleach Brave Souls is a exciting 3D action game with many 3D graphics and simple control to play on. It is a fast action game. There are many unique characters in this game with different powers which helps you on your way to victory. Though the game looks like a Japanese Anime, the game is addictive, once you play on. You can even develop your unique characters with unique powers and battle against other players in this game.

3. LEGO The Lord of Rings

LEGO-The-Lord-of-the-RingsLEGO The Lord of Rings is a epic story game made from the Lord of Rings game. The game is about attacking the evil that stops the king in getting back his kingdom. This game has a good game play with a good storyline to play on. You will be upgrading your troops and other characters on the go and wield the power of rings to explore wonders in the game.

4. The Westport Independent

screeen1This is a game about Sensor-ship, Corruption and Newspapers. In this game you are a newspaper editor who edits the articles and get the reactions from the employees with fleshed characters. You not only react in the game, but also discuss with them. The stories from you starts discussions in the game and it leads to further rebelion. And this causes actions against you and the people in the game.

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5. Dead Synchronicity

Dead-Synchronicity-ReviewIn this game you play in an atmosphere where the past, present, and the future are ceased to exist. The world is sick and merciless overall. The game has a dark and bloody plot with classic adventure game play. The 2D visual game has a unique style with a bloomy like sound track.

6. Crashlands

crashlandersCrashlands is a game about a galastic trucker whose latest shipment gets derailed by a chin-strapped alien on an alien planet. You hustle in this game to retrieve your packages. You make friends and uncover the secrets of the deadly bosses and also tame everything to make your way to the home. The game make you able to unlock more than 500 Craft-able items on your way, in the alien planet. Crashlands also has great characters and tame-able creatures on the alien planet which you need to use with your skills.

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7. Pocket Mortys


Pocket Mortys is a simulation game where you have 70 bizarre Mortys to recruit and train them out. You discover dozens of Bizarre Mortys across the multiverse in the game. You need to grow them and finish the level. The game features a good interface and the game progress is auto saved. The better you play the more you win prizes at the space arcade in the game.

I guess these are some of the best games on android platform  of January. Let me know if you have any other better game to be added to the list. Also make sure to share this compilation of Top android games of January.

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