Top Android and Ios Apps To Speed Up Your Brain

Specialists in neuroscience and psychology have developed digital platforms that will help you strengthen your brain. Make mental calculations, remember the phone number of your best friend or just read a map, are mental exercises that currently leave in the hands of your trusty smartphone, ready to meet your needs with one click.

However, in trying to do these tasks without these wonderful gadgets, it might not be as easy to obtain a correct result or with the same agility as before, worse, your mind may be getting used to not do it anymore.

Research has shown that stimulation improves the performance of your mind and in turn prevents diseases such as Alzheimer’s, dementia or cognitive loss and especially rid of the use of devices to do things and calculations that your mind is more apt to perform them alone.

Ironically the smartphones and tablets that can help you achieve this more quickly and effectively, as taking advantage of these technological advances, various institutions and developers are dedicated to designing platforms to exercise your brain at any time, where you find .

Most of these applications can be downloaded free with and played periods ranging from 6 to 20 minutes daily, however, also they sell specialized with according to the needs of each user additional exercises services, although prices can vary depending on what you require .

Here are eight of these platforms share, mostly designed by specialists who will help you keep your mind agile and healthy:


It is one of the most popular applications in this field. It is renowned for offering exercises developed by neuroscientists to enhance your reactions, memory, problem solving and mental agility.

Daily alerts you when it is time to workout, and although it is free, contains more exercises for those who contract the premium service, which helps further to improve specific skills form.

It is available for Android and iOS free.


NeuronationBased on the latest findings on neuroscience and cognitive psychology, NeuroNation develops exercises that will challenge you constantly, you saturate by training. It also keeps you informed about your progress both your weaknesses and your strengths in areas such as memory, mental arithmetic, concentration and logic.

The program can be downloaded for free for ios and Android.

3.fitt brain trainer

fitt brainIn addition to train your mind, these developers are concerned you have fun while practicing your ability to problem solving, creativity, memory, concentration, use of language and visual-spatial recognition.

This service only allows you to try the games for free (iOS and Android) for five days, but maybe after seeing the benefits, interests you invest a little more in exercising your brain.


eideticThis application implements learning method spaced repetition to help you memorize from phone numbers, words in languages other important facts.

Spaced repetition is to review the concepts to a certain pattern so that your mind can assimilate new information and so completely integrate into your long-term memory.

Eidetic is available on Android and iOS.


cognifitBefore exercise your mind, this application produces an evaluation to know your strengths and weaknesses, and develop a custom profile with the fittest exercises and the degree of difficulty appropriate for your needs.

The developers of this platform recommend exercising for 20 minutes a day, two or three times a week.

The app is available for both Android and iOS free.


elevate appIt focuses more on learning through language, to improve habiliades that allow you to express yourself better, so to make the most of this application if having a good command of English.

It is free for Android and iOs, with the possibility of hiring the premium service to access more content.


kognitivo appTrain your brain and your cognitive ability analyzes through small games, which are divided into four fields: analytical ability, attention, memory and reaction. Each game takes less than two minutes with the information collected, Kognitivo represent your results in charts, daily and weekly charts that allow you to analyze your productivity.

Kognitivo is freely available only for Android devices.


semper-appThis application is specializes in helping you learn vocabulary, so if you are studying another language, this is the ideal way to finally memorize everything you need to advance platform.

You can find this program both on iOS and Android devices with the Google system.

So these are some of the apps to speed up your mind or train your mind.  Hope you liked it and let us know what you think about it . Also share it in social media and follow us @facebook.