7 Best Websites To Listen Music For Free

Listening to music has become an important part of our lives. We listen them in most part of our lives including our daily runs, relaxation times or even when we are travelling. These days there are many ways online where you can find or play to classic or latest music in many ways. Also with the increase of people coming  online to listen music have made many great websites to start, to provide us latest and best music to all of its users depending on their tastes. So, in this post we are going to tell you about the Best websites to listen Music for free.

Best Websites To Listen Music For Free

In this list we are going to add a list of Top 7 Best Websites to listen Music for free. The websites we have included in the list also have their official applications for almost of all types of mobile users and they even help you out to listen¬† to music depending on your tastes. There are also additionally premium option to listen to your favourite music’s on the go. Also if you are not willing to pay some money from your pocket for the premium version of this websites, you can anyway use the free versions avilable for all to make the most of these websites.

Best Websites To Listen Music for Free

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SoundCloud is a online music library by users who upload their music for you to listen for free. It also allows its users to search in their library for artists, songs, bands, tracks and even latest podcasts. You can choose your favourite music depending on your tastes and also it provides results based on the location from where you are searching them. With SoundCloud you can even follow your friends, family members and your favourite artists.

Spotify Music

Spotify Best Websites To Listen Music For Free

Spotify music is also one of the best source online to listen for free music online. You can listen from Spotify through your browser, mobile device or even through their mobile application. You first need to create an account with them to use their service. And after once you have done that you can listen to unlimited music for free in your life time.


Lastfm Best Websites To Listen Music For Free

Last.fm is also one of the best online library to listen to music as-well-as to download them. This website even provides you with new artists and songs to listen to based upon your interests. This service also provides a free Android and iOS application with which you can use them with ease even on your phone. Most of the online music listeners prefer this website as they even allow their users to download their favourite music.


8tracks Best Websites To Listen Music For Free

8Tracks also gives you access to a music library online with a millions of music to listen to from it. There are almost of 8 different categories in their lists from where you can find your music based on your interests. There are also a set of interesting moods included in their list like romantic, sad or even some emotional mood from where you can choose music to listen to. Additionally you can even play to their auto generated playlist created by 8Tracks.


pandora Best Websites To Listen Music For Free

Pandora is a free music streaming website and is also one of the famous website in this list among the U.S. citizens. With this service you can listen to free music online for free and even find the new music on the go. It even has a search box where you can enter any of your favourite artists, music and listen to them without any issues. Also based on your interests it will also build a free radio station with you music and artists.


radiotuna Best Websites To Listen Music For Free

RadioTuna is a free online radio service with which you can listen to almost of all type of radio stations online. You can even find the new ones based on your interests. And even find the ones that most people are listening to or is trending right now. You can use this service with either your phone or even from your desktop. RadioTuna also provides a mobile application for android users from where you could listen to your favourite stations online.


dash radio Best Websites To Listen Music For Free

DashRadio is another famous internet radio website in this list. Even this service have lots of, tons of radio stations from around the world to listen to. With this service you can find almost of all the radio stations that you are looking to listen to or else you can even choose them based on the genre you are willing to play. you can even share those of your favourite radio stations with your friends and family through Facebook and other social media platforms.

So, this is our list of Top 7 Best Websites To Listen To Music For Free. Some the services listed above have Android and iOS applications, so you can use them easily with your Mobile phone. Anyway, all of them listed here are one of the best ones and help you listen to music online with ease. If you feel that we need to or are missing something that you like, then feel free to comment down below and Let us know what was that. Also don’t forget to Share this article with your friends.