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5 Best Podcast Apps For Android

5 Best Podcast Apps For Android

Podcast is a digital audio file which is available in form as a single episode or a series of episodes. The podcasting apps are also known as Podcatchers. Using a Podcast app to listen to podcast can really help you out to automatically download and sort the newest episodes of the Podcasts that you follow. And even using them can help you a lot in managing your subscriptions and even enhance your listening experience.

Top Ever 5 Best Podcast Apps For Android

Also using a Podcast app will not only help you to manage your podcast subscriptions, but also to find new podcasts that match your tastes and even download the ones you like with ease, so you can even listen to them when you are offline or are out of Internet. So today we have made a list of Top 5 Best Podcast Apps to use in you Android.

Top 5 Best Podcast Apps For Android

  1. DoggCatcher Podcast

doggcatcher 5 Best Podcast Apps For Android

DoggCatcher Podcast app is one of the best Podcast application that you can use to organize your Podcasts. The key features of the Podcast application include the support for Chrome cast, easily managing your subscriptions, adding new podcast subscriptions to your list, automatically cleaning the Podcast cache and even allowing you to play the podcast for online or offline use. This application is also customizable and is battery friendly.

  1. BeyondPod Podcast manager

AlltimeTop 5 Best Podcast Apps For Android

This Podcast application really helps you to save your feeds and check those even when your offline. You can even set this app to download all the Podcast that you listen to, to download automatically. The integrated player in this Podcaster helps you enhance its quality. You can even discover and search new Podcast’s with Beyond Podcast Manger application.

  1. PodKicker Podcast Player

5 Best Podcast Apps For Android Phones

PodKicker Podcast Player is a free to use Podcast application and also it has very easy and simple to use user interface. The application is designed in a very simple manner with a set of, lot of customizations in it. PodKicker Podcast Player lets you to stream and Download podcast offline as well as online. It even has the support for both audio and video files. Other than this it also provides you with suggestions to subscribe to new ones based on your subscription and the region from where you are using this podcaster.

  1. Podcast Addict

Top 5 Best Podcast Apps For Android

Podcast Addict is also a simple to use Podcast application and it lets you to manage all your audio and video podcasts, Youtube channels, iTunes podcasts as well as all of your news feeds. The other additional features of this Podcaster include support for Chrome Cast, advanced deleting feature and selecting and changing your play speed. You can even setup various in app themes as per your customizations and can have full app backup with this podcast application.

  1. Podcast Republic

Podcast-Republic 5 Best Podcast Apps For Android

This is also one of the best podcast application available for android users in the list. This application lets you to search the iTunes directly from your Android device. This application also comes with the feature of searching for the latest Podcast available as per your interest, manually adding your favorite Podcasts, Multi-language support, managing your Podcast downloads, easy customizations of the podcasts that you play and multiple playlist support.

So, this is our list of Best Podcast Applications that you can use to easily manage your Podcasts on you Android. Some of them in this list are free and the other ones ask you to pay a little from your pocket. You can try each of them listed here or just use them as per your needs or requirement. So, what did you feel about our list of Top 5 Best Podcast Apps for Andriod? Please comment down below and tell us your opinions about this list and also don’t forget to share this article.