Top 5 Android apps to lose weight [ultimate guide]

Being overweight is a curse which essentially affects our post-modern societies of capitalist culture and a lifestyle lacking vitality and physical activity. It is the direct result of the form of modern slavery, vicious circle of bed-eat-work-bed.Today, almost all have overweight. Deceived by nutritional recommendations endorsed by biased and controversial studies, also funded by major lobbies of this planet, namely the lobby of food and pharmaceutical lobby.

Apps to lose weight

But the Internet came along, authentic space where free will can find all meaning, search question and answers. It gives wings to free us from the cruel meal plans that we have reserved for industrial and large corporations in the food sector … today are ready to regain control of your health and get your life; the undisputed binomial to achieve this is sport and healthy diet.

So today we have listed Best free Android apps to lose weight for you and to successfully shape a great body.

1.Endomondo Sports Tracker :



Physical activity should be part of every good plan of diet and health, and there is nothing like this social app to do. It already has over 20 million users who play sports every day with her, recording the time, distance, speed and calories. It helps you to take more control of your physical activity. Moreover, connects you to your friends via comments or messages of support are you read aloud while practicing sport. View the route on the map, record your heart rate and share your achievements. Set a goal, choose a reasonable goal and challenge your friends .. practiced sport social form.

2.Runtastic pedometer :


If you’re serious about sports but lack of practice prefer to start with something softer, how about giving a few walks? I know, do not spare the time, precisely will come in handy to have this application. Did you know that walking 10,000 steps a day walking more than twice what makes a normal person? Doing so helps you to lose weight, so go for a comfortable slippers and this pedometer that helps you keep a complete record of every step you take to reach the recommended 10,000 steps a day. Leave the car in the garage, go up the stairs instead of the elevator, does not cost much.

3. myfitnesspal :


Dieting sounds easy, but take it to the letter is another story. You know what you ate today and what it represents in calories? With this app you can keep track of ingested calories, has a database of over 3,000,000 foods. Still, if you do not find a particular food, you add it and go. Register your meals is easy and fast, you can also record your weight daily to track your progress more accurately and has 350 exercises. You can also dieting with friends and use that opportunity for mutual support. Scan the barcode of a food and you detected at an Pispas.

4. runkeeper :


Still lacks a cover letter? This app is one of the most popular among athletes, they are more than 25 million people who use it on your Android device. It’s your pocket personal trainer, keeps track of all your walks or when you jog. Detailed statistics on speed, distance and time … which is very useful to know your evolution and progress. Motiva lot and challenges you to go jogging every day. Moreover, it is social. So you can share your marks and achievements with friends, including maps will see in your workouts. Set your goal and routines adapted to active status; serves several sports.

5.virtuagym fitness home & gym :


Your virtual gym at home, ideal for dieters who can not go to the gym or do so at home. It offers many exercises and sessions turnkey you can practice comfortably depending on your level; if you do well and you become more discerning have a Pro version with more exercises. If you do it right you unlock achievements, which motivates much. The exercises are accompanied by clear 3D demonstrations and a personal trainer; over 400 exercises, 100 and 150 working sessions unlock achievements await. Too bad that the application is not as complete as the web of VirtuaGym because it has many extras such as a free nutritional plan. Still, it remains among the best in style.

So these are few best Fitness Android applications we found. These apps are most popular and used around the world. Hope these apps will help you reach your goal and gain a perfect figure by weight loss.

Do share  your views and let us know if you find any interesting weight loss apps.