Top 5 Addictive Android Puzzle Games

Games, there are many, and a wide variety of categories, but if you are one of those who love puzzles, these are our top 5 of the best puzzle games in the recent times.

1. ∞ Infinity Loop, a simple but addictive game

infinate loopInfinity Loop is the game that tops our list with an interesting addictive game canvas. It can be considered a logic game consisting intricate patterns, or application of simply loops in a simple way. The dynamics is simple, though convoluted. The application has an infinite number of levels in which we find different elements which we connect with each other in order to unite all the elements, without leaving any loose. The complication comes when we find independently the only solution that exists, and we can not display an image as a guide to follow.

To join these elements we take small bumps on the item to move, and this will rotate on its axis. This is definitely a game you should download and play, it is completely free.

2. Sea Hero Quest: play and contribute to science at the same time


Games of this style there are many, but they can not contribute to science, which itself can do with Sea Hero Quest. In this stylish and entertaining game we test our memory to help our hero to find his memories of the past which have been caught by Alzheimer’s. At the controls of a boat we go seas, canals and rivers to find the memories of the protagonist. In addition, at various levels will test our memory in different ways to get our challenge. Now comes the part where this game becomes one of the best tools to fight Alzheimer’s.

The way we help is simple navigation data are tracked anonymously, safely stored and combined with all players in the world. All this to create the largest crowd-sourced data in the world. This data source will lead to the development of new tools to diagnose and treat dementia. With just two minutes we play to Sea Hero Quest will be providing 5 hours of scientific research.

All these data with which to investigate are collected by University College London and University of East Anglia and the people of Alzheimer’s Research, later to treat this disease that affects more than 45 million people. This like our previous proposal is completely free, so we invite you to have a good time testing your memory and helping to cure a disease that today has no cure.

3. Okay ?: An addictive and fun game

Another game that occupies our top 5 best games is ‘Okay?’, A fun and intuitive game in which we destroy different objects with one touch. The interaction is simple, on the screen we have several objects, depending on the level at which we find ourselves, which we will shoot you down with your finger. Tapping anywhere on the screen will deploy a vertical bundle, with which pointing to the object in question or we destroy the objects. As expected the complication increases the more we beating levels, having to tear down several items in different positions and with a single initial touch.

To help have the option of seeing an ad in order to get a clue to solve this complex puzzle. While it is true that we should not start paying anything, the application asks us how much you think you would pay for that game, and then we could pay for the game on an entirely voluntary. I recommend you download the game, and if it is the case that I recommend you can afford to.

4. Rop: Attach ropes is not as easy as you think


The fourth place is occupied by Rop, a game in which we attach strings to complete the level. The dynamic is simple, we simply connect the dots and strings such as shown in the picture at the top. At first glance it does not have any problems, but when we form a figure with more points or joints than we need, the complication increases. All these connections we make in the ‘honeycomb’ of 19 holes, making each level more and more complicated.

This, like all games of the list is free, so you have no excuse to download it and have fun. Although if you are owners of an Apple device you will disburse 0.99 cents to enjoy this game.

5. GOLFINITY: Infinity golf has come true


Following the line of logic games, this GOLFINITY is no different. The scenario that unfolds is a golf course, where we get the ball into the corresponding hole. Having a limited number of options we meet the challenge, which will not be easy to achieve, because we will find many obstacles. This is a game in which we will be very attentive to detail to meet the challenge. Like the other proposals, this is free, so there is no excuse to entertain a good time.

What do you have like these games? What is that catches your attention? Do you dare to play them?