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Top 10 Productive Google Chrome Extensions


Google chrome browser is the best browser when compared with others because of the sort of functionalities it provides when compared with other ones. The availability of more number of extension to add on not only makes the browser work efficiently, but also help us to save our time. Check down this list of 10 best productive google chrome extensions to add-on even for your browser.


Instapaper is a simple chrome extension but is a very useful tool. It is just a simple tool for saving your webpages, blogs or any other pages on internet to your read-it-later list. This pages can be viewed later through iphone,ipad,android or through computer. This chrome extension may be used as a best alternate for your normal bookmarker, that you get in any normal browser.


Version: 2.0.1
Updated: November 11, 2015
Size: 60.43KiB
Download Link: Instapaper


Pocket is also a chrome extension very similar to the first one. When you get something interesting to watch later on your chrome, then you can use Pockets to save them. It is the best way to save articles, Videos and many more. Also it automatically syncs even to your phone, tablet or computer and you can view it even in offline.


Version: 1.9.22
Updated: October 16, 2015
Size: 427KiB
Download Link: Pocket


Are you fedup with your many passwords of your accounts? Also are you guy of kind who always uses forgot password option to reset your password? If yes, then this chrome extension is the best that suits you because you will never forget your passwords with 1password chrome extension. 1password is a best password manager that stores all of your passwords and help them use to log you into the websites directly with this extension. It not only saves your password but also gives you good suggestions while creating your passwords.

1 password

Updated: December 19, 2015
Size: 193KiB
Download Link: 1Password

4.Google dictionary

Another chrome extension, Google dictionary help you view the definitions while you browse the web pages. When your are on a webpage and found a word that you did not understand, then you can simply double click on the word to view its definition. It also stores the history of words that you have used with google dictionary to find the definitions or meanings. It also supports finding definitions or meanings from more than 12 foreign languages from its data base.

google dictionary

Version: 4.0.2
Updated: April 23, 2014
Size: 40.84KiB
Download Link:Google dictionary


Momentum is a extension which helps you customize your chrome view by replacing new tab page with a stunning image, weather and a todo list. It also has the ability to set up a to do list and clear them on the go. It was successful in helping more than 1 million users and the number is still increasing and one of the cool chrome extensions.

momentum chrome

Version: 0.60.2
Updated: October 31, 2015
Size: 12.25MiB
Download Link: Momentum


Lastpass is also a password manager which saves your passwords online. It is a award winning password manager that saves your passwords and helps you to secure access from your all devices. With Lastpass you only need to remember only one password, that to only of Lastpass master password. When you once install this extension to chrome it also helps you to auto login to sites.chrome extensions

Lastpass for android

Version: 3.2.41
Updated: October 26, 2015
Size: 3.23MiB
Download Link: Lastpas


Once you set up Pushbullet chrome extension, you can start pushing text notes, addresses, lists,links and files even from you phone. But the maxium limit to push a file at once is 25mb. With pushbullet Chrome extension you can drag and drop files from you computer and send them to your friends with a click. Pushbullets helps you to send notes, links, checklist, photos and other useful attachments.

pushbulet chrome

Version: 313
Updated: December 28, 2015
Size: 434KiB
Download Link: Pushbullet


Onetab is a chrome extension for managing multiple tab that you open while you are working on internet. When you are stuck in such situation you just need to click on onetab icon to convert all of your tabs into a list, so that you can choose the exact tab and open it easily without any confusion. It also help you reduce pressure and 95% of google chrome memory.

chrome one tab

Version: 1.7
Updated: May 25, 2014
Size: 159KiB
Download Link:One tab

9.HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS is one of the simplest ways to make browsing the web more secure, and HTTPS Everywhere is an chrome extension that makes it so you don’t even have to think about it. With it, you’ll always visit the encrypted, secure version of a site whenever you type in the URL.


Version: 1.9.4
Updated: December 17, 2015
Size: 1.07MiB
Download Link:HTTPS Everywhere

10.Gmail offline

Have you ever thought of or have faced of a problem, that you were unable to use your gmail because of no internet connectivity? Then this extension from google is surely going to help you out. Gmail offline is a gmail app was built to support offline access to your gmail. Presently, this app is in beta mode and google is still working on it to improve its performance.chrome extensions

gmail chrome

Version: 1.20
Updated: August 9, 2013
Size: 25.7KiB
Download Link: Gmail Offline

So these are the best and must google chrome extensions everyone should have to enjoy chrome to its full extent. Hope you liked this compilation of Top 10 Best productive chrome browser extensions . Let me know if any other chrome extension is worth in this Top10.