Top 10 Most Popular Indie Games You Will Love To Play

Imagine if I ask you how would you describe an indie game, each one would give me a different answer. There are those who believe that all indie games are rare or are retro or have bad graphics or are these pixelated 2D, some believe they have beautiful stories or that are original and creative. Competing with gaming giants there were a lot of indie games developed with a variety of ideas and were successful.

For people with no clue about indie games “Indie games are the games which are developed by a small team of developers and not by a community or an organization”. And there is no financial backup for those developers. In the future if the game does good and attract many, then surely the developers are going to get funds and financial help from investors. This have also happened with many such indie games and Mine-craft was one of that kind. Google also provides good backup for the indie games and daily many of the indie games find its way to play store. So here we have made a list of Top 10 indie games that rocked.

  1. Sol Invictus


Sol Invictus is a Sci-fi story with the atmosphere of war. In the game you control the grand saga of Cromolus and the war Continues. In the game you become the hero of your life. The features of the game include multiple save slots, powerful sci-fi plot with customizable characters. The atmosphere of the game is also designed very Vibrantly and the game is released with new updates simultaneously.

Developer: Cubus games
Latest Version:

  1. Air Control 2

air control2  

In this simple yet, suprisingly addictive game you will take on the role of Air Traffic Controller. As a player, you are in this game to direct planes to runways while avoiding collisions. The game covers most of the worlds location. Also you can play this game with your friend in the same device with multiplayer mode on. This game also has good game play with stunning planes including the SR-71.

Developer: Four Pixels
Latest Version:

  1. Tertrobot and Co.


Tetrobot and Co. is a pure puzzle game, created by a team of puzzle lovers and helps you to give a brain workout for your brain. In this game you will guide the microscopic Psychobot inside the circuits and avoid it from blocks and other obstacles. This game is a very addictive and challenging game with a unique style.

Developer: Swing swing Submarine
Latest Version:

  1. Bungee Mummy

bungee mummy    

Bungee Mummy is a fast-paced adventure game with risks on the go. You just Tap, Swipe, Pull and Flick in the game to master the levels. It is a simple games with good physics and game is made in a way to easily stick anyone, who plays the game for a shorter period of time.

Developer: Steampunk Wizards
Latest Version:

  1. Fotonica

fotonicaFotonica is a simple, but not so easy game which is very impossible to master the game. The game is designed with good game-play and has good environment to play on. The visuals are a treat for any nostalgiac player and the speed of the game goes on with the distance covered. Also this game has no ads and no in app purchases.

Developer: Santa Ragione s.r.l.
Latest Version:

  1. Zero! Puzzle


Zero! Puzzle is a challenging puzzle game, where in every level you have to sum numbers. The levels start easily but goes on increasing its toughness on the go. In this game you will have to sum to match the value of green tiles that you see in the game. You can also change and go to any level from the start randomly.

Developer: Ugly Warthog Games
Latest Version:

  1. Melody Rocket

melody rocket      

Melody Rocket is a simple game with combination of rhythm, precision, and difficulty. In this arcade game you must complete a simple tasks by swiping the rocket from the magnet to magnet. This game requires patience. Though this game looks odd, it feels better on the go.

Developer: NigelMNZ
Latest Version:

  1. Rock, Paper, Scissors! Wizard

rock papper wizards        

Rock, Paper, Scissors! Wizards is an electronic version of the game Stone-Paper-Scissors. In this game the player chooses either rock, paper or scissors and you wage your opponent with the same options available even for him. The game also has rank of the players who play this game world-wide and your play score can get you a rank.

Developer: ZebraFox Games
Latest Version:

  1. Crack Attack

crack attack            

Crack Attack is also a puzzle game from the award winning developer Crash Lab, where you will be smashing hundreds of eggs, across several unique and beautiful environments in the game, when you try to free the creatures that are imprisoned in the egg by the evil in the game. It is a easy to learn game with many levels, eggs and creatures to play with.

Developer: Attack Games Ltd
Latest Version:
Version varies with device.

  1. Does not Commute


Does not commute is a strategic driving game with temporal paradox in which you have no one to blame if you hit a car other than you yourself. You with your car discover the characters and their secrets in the game. This is also an interesting and must try game in the list.

Developer: Mediocre
Latest Version:

Well these are top 10 indie games which survived the gaming giants also made there mark in 2015 and difinately have more potential to expand further. My personal favourites are Photonica nd Tet-Robot. Which games did you find interesting and are there any other games you would like to add to this list let us know through comments.