Top 10 Entertainment Apps For Android

Entertainment apps are a must download apps in any phone cause it helps us get some relief in our free time. With these app we can stream our favourite shows, get celebrity news and other shows. Also this is the reason why we get at least a single entertainment app pre-installed with factory settings while buying a new phone. So getting a entertainment app in any phone is a must to do thing, also there is no lack of apps in the Playstore for android users to get one. But the only problem is that there are many and many number of entertainment apps in the store, that it makes us very difficult to find an interesting or an awesome entertainment app even for our device. So we have just made a list of Top 10 entertainment apps for android that everyone must try and use it to have fun.

  1. Hotstar                   

hotstarHotstar is one of the latest trending apps for entertainment in India as well as some other countries. With this app you can watch the latest TV serials, Movies and Live sports on your android device, That to for free. Also you can watch many of the sports live through this app. Hotstar also has full episodes of your favourite TV Shows from the years gone by and also the biggest blockbusters, which you can watch at any time whenever you have a android device and a proper internet connection.
Developer: Novi Digital Entertainment Pvt Ltd.
Minimum Android requirement:
4.0 and up

  1. Netflix             

NetflixNetflix is the world’s biggest and leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies on your phone. You just need to take a Netflix membership to instantly watch thousands of TV episodes and movies anywhere in your phone. This membership gives you unlimited access to TV shows and Movies for one low monthly price. You also get a 1-month free subscription for first time installation of the app on your phone.

Developer: Netflix Inc.
Minimum Android requirement:
Varies with device

  1. IMDb Movies & TV

imdbIMDb is also one of the world’s largest collection of movies, TV shows and celebrity info’s. Here you can get the detail of every movie and TV show ever made and including the details of the ones who where in it, the plot, user ratings and even the trailers. You can search in the library with more that 2 million titles of movies and Serials. Also you can watch trailers and review your favourite shows through this app.

Developer: IMDb
Minimum Android requirement:
Varies with Device

  1. TED      

TEDTED is a platform where you can watch some riveting talks from some of the world’s most fascinating people wherever you are. It helps you to get access to innovative concepts and expand your world with good inspiration. With this app you can view the entire TED Talks video library, with subtitles in more than 90 languages covering many of the top world languages. Also you can download the video talks to view it offline.

Developer: TED Conference LLC
Minimum Android requirement: 4.0 and up

  1. Movies by flixter

imgAppFlixsterMovies by Flixter is one among the top entertainment app in the list of Google Plays top charts. With this app you can even get the details of the latest movies going on and even get a ticket from them, from the app itself with a single tap in the app. This app is also integrated with Google Voice which helps you to easily open the app and watch the things you love.

Developer: Flixter Inc.
Minimum Android requirement:
Varies with Device

  1. Red Bull TV

rbtvRed Bull’s playground of adventures and excitement can now be on your android phone with Red Bull TV. You can watch many of the sports with this app and even watch behind the scenes, even get close-up views of the extraordinary people you love in the sports. This app also features the live event experience from all around the world and you can even integrate this app with your android TV if you have one and can have the experience even enlarged in the big-screen even. Red Bull TV also has a ton of HD sports collection even of the past.

Developer: Red Bull
Minimum Android requirement:
Varies with device

  1. Vine

vineVine is the entertainment network where the world’s stories are captured, created and even remixed. You will never find a dull moment using Vine. Vine offers videos from many people’s around the world with channels in Dance, Comedy and sports. You will also be able to never miss any viral videos after starting using Vine.

Developer: Vine Labs
Minimum Android requirement:
Varies with Device

  1. Bollywood Hungama      

bollywood hungamaBollywood Hungama is the world’s most widely read Bollywood daily for all the news, events and many more, thats trending and is going on. The best feature of this app is that it offers very realistic and trusted reviews of the movies and TV shows going on up to date. Also you can write your review through the app and also listen to the latest music launches from the jukebox.

Developer: Hungama Digital Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
Minimum Android requirement:
1.6 and up

  1. Crackle

crackle-appWith Crackle you can watch all the Movies and TV shows for free on your any android device. Also there are more than 25 million fans for this app around the world. Crackle provides great new content every month. Also this app was listed in many Awards as the best entertainment app. Here you can get the original series of the TV serials and even Comedy shows.

Developer: Crackle
Minimum Android requirement:
4.0 and up

  1. RedBox

redbox-appRedBox help you to get latest movies and entertainment updates. You can even get push notifications in your phone settings once you allow or give the permission to send the push notifications even for you. You can also get weekly news about RedBox’s weekly news about the newest movies and games, exclusive deals and even many more.

Developer: RedBox Automated Retail, LLC.
Minimum Android requirement:
2.3 and up

Hope you guys find it interesting and informative. And let me know if you have better list of entertainment apps with you.




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