Top 10 Android Racing Games Of 2015

Racing games are really super exciting when compared to other normal games. Though there are many categories like strategy, adventure games, MMO’s, role-playing games but racing games are of some other higher standards when we talk from gamers perspective. And in android there are many racing games that come to the store each day. But it becomes difficult for every android buddy to search and find the best game that suits him and this was the problem that even we have been facing.

So we just made a list of the best top 10 android racing games for, so that you’ll never find any problems like of the past by spending more time on the store, searching for a racing game. This list of games includes freebies as well as the paid ones. So now just start and Check out the list of these racing games which suits you and also we suggest you to try each and every game in this list.

1.Asphalt 8: Airborne

asphalt8 airborn

Asphalt 8 Airborne is a must check android racing game for every smartphone user and definitely ranks 1st in the top 10 android racing games. The gameplay is so fantastic that it becomes an addictive game very soon and also the high end graphics add a spark to the game. There is a big list of cars to choose on, from Lambo to mini cooper and also you can ride your car in many well known places like Venice, Iceland, Tokyo and many more.

Download the game from here : Asphalt 8

2.Real racing 3


This game is one of the most preferred android racing games because of its realistic graphics and challenges to race on. The application has many new features over the previous version (Real Racing 2 Android ). In addition to greater realism, thanks to improvement in graphics quality – the cars now also have a system of lasting harm. It has many cars to ride on also there are some great cars which you need to purchase. The tracks in this game make this game a realistic one and also Real racing 3 provides single player and Multi-player gaming.

Download the game from here : Real Racing 3

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3.Riptide Gt2

Riptide Gt2

Riptide gt2 is most popular android racing game by Vector Unit who also developed beach buggy racing and shine runner. This  android racing game also comes under water racing game and it has also got a rating value of 5stars from most of the users worldwide who have played this game. The most exciting feature of this game is that it has got many in app upgrades which enhances the ride on the go. This game also supports Android TV and Four way online challenges so you can play with your friends easily challenging them.

Download the game from here : Riptide gt2

4.Diver Speedboat paradise


Diver speedboat Paradise is a thrilling water racing game with 3d gameplay from Ubisoft Entertainment who brought us so many awesome android racing games. This game suits best for chasing game lovers as this is also one of the kind like that. You need to chase a gang of mafia drifters in this race. The more you play, the more levels you unlock. Also you can upgrade the abilities of your boat in this game.

Download the game from here : Diver speedboat Paradise

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5.Angry bids GO!


From the developers of angry birds, Rovio has done really great job by developing Angry birds GO! an android racing game, it is one of the best rated games in the play store with more than 1.2 million 5stars for the game. It is a well balanced racing game with birds, which is suitable for even children. You have hundreds of races to challenge on and funny-angry bird characters to use on in this game. There is even a multiplayer mode and options to upgrade your car.

Download the game from here : Angry birds GO!

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6.Shine runner

Shine runner

Though most of the android racing games are only involved with cars, this is a different one where you need to ride a Fanboat. It is a sweet game with good physics and great graphics. It also has the feature or the ability to play the game using a Bluetooth or a USB gamepad. Also the motion sensing of this game is great.

Download the game from here : Shine runner

7.Moto heroz


Another awesome android racing game from Ubisoft Entertainment. Moto Heroz is a racing + puzzle game with respect to the challenges in the game. It is just a scrolling game where the player need to move the motor bike forward and backward. This game also has many stages with hidden challenges and ghosts that goes on creeps and following you, But they have also provided you with jet-packs and many other powerups to simplify the game a little bit.

Download the game from here : Moto Heroz

8.Smash cops heat

Smash cops heat

Smash cops heat is like an old fashion police chase game, but it is still a fast and fun with fluid like graphics. You are a thief in this game who rides a car and got to escape from police cars before they catch you on. This android racing game has a size of only 152mb, but provides a good gaming surroundings for its low size.

Download the game from here : Smash cops heat

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9.Hill climb racing

Hill climb racing

Hill climb racing is a simple game in terms of the gameplay, but it is a super addictive game with respect to the challenges in the game. This game has a simple concept, but the user interface makes it game-friendly. This car has 8 levels and each of these levels have few more sub-levels. The android racing game also provides the ability to buy new cars and upgrade them for easy gameplay and can be used in any levels.

Download the game from here : Hill climb racing

10.Beach buggy Blitz

Beach buggy Blitz

Beach buggy Blitz is a simple, fun game which can suit any person of any kind. This is a simple android racing game where you ride your car on the beach and collect coins on the go to make some upgrades. This game comes with good graphics and cool environment to play on. Also the funny looking characters and cars to choose on makes this game even more awesome.

Download the game from here : Beach buggy Blitz

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Hope you guys liked the compilation of Top 10 Android Racing Games of 2015.  For android racing game fans definitely 2015 have been a great year  let us hope there will be lot more cool and awesome android racing games in coming years.

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