Todo Backup Server 8.8 An Intelligent Software For Backup

In times where technology dominates life and people can not function without their smartphones and notebooks, it is very important to have a program capable of reliably backs. Todo Backup Server 8.8 is the new version of backup software for servers designed to provide fast and reliable backups for server users.
The biggest concern of the people is to protect their most important of all kinds of endangered possible information and, as time abundance prefer having their backups configured so as to obtain simple and fast. Besides reliable software it is very important to ensure a safe and reliable backup of all files and critical data.


Whether you want a program to support server for your business or personal information, this is a system that is reliable and can find a lot of tools to handle the different requirements you have.
This system is designed to be compatible with and support Microsoft Windows server, to enjoy faster backups and will save you some time. The most interesting features of this program for backup are: system backups, file backup, disk management, active backups and scheduled backups
The facility is designed to deliver copies of discs at full speed and with the assurance that all files on the disk are being replicated without fail. This way you can protect your most important data as a backup so that in case your device gets to fail for any reason, always have your information secure. Use interface is very simple and anyone can learn to use the most efficient and enjoyable way.
The facility offers very interesting features such as active backups, ensuring you the power to support selected files and folders without any interruption, allowing faster data you need copies without closing any files or transactions that are open.
The ability to perform backups without having to be aware you will be very useful, as this feature allows you to continue with the backup even when the system is in sleep or hibernation mode, without interrupting the process and delivering the ideal data protection for users.
The ability to clone SSD is an excellent addition that is offered with the device so that users can take advantage of the process of protecting and securing your important information without facing any problem.