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Tips to Use Google Inbox Like a Pro

Today we have reviewed 7 Useful features that a Inbox account (google.com/inbox/), the new email service that Google has created.We are explaining these tricks because despite its enormous benefit, which is noticed by giving constant use, they are not as trivial as a first approach.


So here are the few tricks so that you can use gmail as a pro hacker


The keyboard shortcuts are kept in Gmail Inbox. To display the list of shortcuts available simply press the key combination [Shift / Shift] + [?]. If not present, you may need to dial the respective option by going to the main menu of Inbox, Settings section –> Other –> Shortcut keys for direct access.

2. Contacts

You can quickly access the information card for a contact by just typing its name in the main search box, then clicking on the corresponding result. Also worth mentioning that Google Contacts was renovated a few weeks ago and is so connected to Inbox that in addition to a similar design, and has direct access into the main menu Inbox (option Contacts within that menu) .

3. Filters and Labels

Although automatic organization Inbox is almost magical, you can have your old filters or create more of them to sort your messages also custom rules. For the latter, go to the main menu Inbox and near the end of the list of options click on “Create New”, give a title tag that will reference the grouping of emails you want to create and click the “ADD” in the screen displayed then.

Subtract you go filling the respective form to define the filtering rules – recipient, subject, keywords, etc. that will guide the new group all existing and incoming messages.

4. Fix emails and deploy all elements fixed

The most important email messages no longer marked Highlights they become messages “Set”. Well, the little star to highlight them no longer exists but has been replaced with a pin / bug / pin that is also displayed next to each message.

pin mail

Messages that are fixed always stay on top of our inbox-even if they come over Post- but there is a more convenient option to display all of them and click on the button in the upper right corner, next to search. With this action a new section will display elements fixed; Now, to return to the original input tray, subtracted to press the pin.

5. Postpone emails

The most important option sets Inbox for Gmail because that will be possible to make them disappear from our inbox messages that require our attention in the future while this only make us hindrance.


In order to “Snooze” email simply run it or ponle cursor over, click on the small clock that adorns the top right and choose the date, time and place in which you wish to be resubmitted in the future. There are useful default as postponing until “Later Today”, “Tomorrow” and “Next week” options. Again, the interesting thing is that the messages disappear from the inbox, but you can see all gathered in the “Postponed” section in the main menu Inbox.

6. Create reminders

Essentially it is a particularization of the previous option: Click the red “+” in the lower right part Inbox and then gives clicking on the blue button “Reminder”. A small form whose first drawer serve to introduce what it takes to remember and just right can be adjusted with the delay option when you want it happening again then opens. Now, if you do not score a specific date, will remain at the top of the inbox and other mail set more. You can also convert an email reminder to just open it and click on the “Remember …” (another field to type that occurs right at the top).


You can access all Reminders created to manage them, just go to the main menu and click on the option with the same name. By the way, these reminders are synchronized with those of Google Now you can generate from your mobile device. Another detail is that the second drawer shown when creating reminders will be useful to quickly create reminders like “call John” but is separate because it is functional, that is, to give clicking shall be made a call your phone via Hangouts.

7. Low Priority

You can release quickly on  your main inbox of messages that are of little importance, “Low Priority”: Go to the main menu Inbox –> click on the option with the same name, click on Enable Grouping and therefore, the messages you probably little interest, will be accommodated in a special section. You can learn more about this functionality from this page in the help of Google.


For more tips, help and information on Inbox, even without leaving it, you can go to the main menu of the application and then click on “Help and Feedback”, or you can go to fixed this by clicking another link.

So these are 7 tricks you could use to use gmail more efficiently