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How To Increase Your WiFi Signal Strength [ Simple Guide ]

Wifi has now become one of the most important part of our life. The usage of Wifi routers has become a very important for any internet user so that. But the thing is that it has also become one of the most frustrating one. large majority of households in terms of signal strength and coverage is concerned. However, as soon as we have a fairly large flat, with lots of physical obstacles between the router and we, or simply live in a multi-storey, these same routers can give us many problems to use them in all areas of the house.


This may be due to many reasons like slow speed and other factors. So boosting your Wifi signal will help you any way in avoiding the frustrating situation as-well-as saving your time. However, there are cases where coverage problems, where just applying some simple solutions can improve the signal to go further and cover areas that it did not reach before.

So if you are trying to Increase or boost your Wifi router signal then you can follow the methods we have mentioned below to get the most of it.

Using Latest WiFi Technology available


This is one of the best thing that you can do to improve your Wifi signal strength. The usage of latest hardware available makes you get most of it. The wireless A, B, G routers are very slow and can omit signals weakly. So it will be better to use the Wireless N or other latest versions of the routers to get the full boosted signals with your devices.

Selecting the Exact spot for your router


Choosing an exact and good place to place your router is very important. The location must be selected in such a way that it is able to cover almost of all the place of the home and it will be better if you are setting it at the central part of your home or in the place where you use your gadgets the most. Also the spot must be selected in a way that it is free from signal damping and the location spotted should be somewhat far possible, so that it does not react with neighbour’s signal and decrease the strength of signal.

Also choosing a place free from interference is not only the thing that can boost your Wifi signals but you also need to set the routers position free from microwaves, antenas and other appliances which grab signals.

Protecting your Wifi with a Good password


Most of the Wifi are setup with a password so that no one can steal your Wifi data. Even if you have setup a password, it can be easy sometime to hack. So it is a must to find whether someone is stealing your WiFi or else the best thing to do is to protect your Wifi with a WPA password.

Increase your Wifi range


If You are looking for some practical way to increase your Wifi signal then you can simply use some DIY trick. The best trick ever is to use a windsurfer tin foil or a cooking strainer to increase or boost your Wifi signal strength. Though you can’t get the maximum signals in this process, you will anyway get an improved signal strength after using this method.

Using a Wifi repeater


This is the last thing that you can do if the above methods doesn’t work for you. If you are really struggling in improving your Wifi signal strength then you can buy a Wifi repeater. If you cannot afford this you can actually use your old router that you have as a Wifi extender. The usage of extra router as Wifi extender will not work as effectively as a manual extender. But can get your work done with somewhat ease with no budget required.

You can also reboot your router at certain periodic time so that the strength of the signal never falls. So, this are the best possible ways that even you can opt to get maximum of your routers and boost your Signal strength.

so these re some simple tips to Increase Your WiFi Signal Strength, hope you found it useful and informative. If you have any doubts regarding these tips or if you know any better way let me know through comments.