The Best iOS Applications for November 2015 – Free ios Apps

Best of november ios apps free

Less than a month left in this year, so i have found some of the best applications for iOS this 2015. As you want to take advantage of your iPhone or iPad as much as you can, so now check The Best iOS Applications for November 2015 – Free ios Apps. Without further delay, here they are :

Firefox :


If you do not feel like sailing Apple or Google last month was released Firefox application for iOS. So, if you use this browser on your computer, you’ll be able to have your web sites synchronized your desktop computer and your mobile browser. This was one of the things that made most lacking those who use Firefox and have iPhone. The app is very easy to handle, has suggested private browsing and searching, as well as a tab system that allows you to open all the pages you want. Its free and the app is available here.

Assembly :


For design lovers, this is the perfect tool for keeping in your pocket and explore your creative side. The application allows you to display multiple creations as logos, characters, icons and illustrations to a very professional level. With powerful design tools, you will not need a lot of knowledge in the field to start experimenting in this field. Also, once you download the application, it will ask if you already have knowledge of the subject, or if you’re new to the world of design. If you are in this second group, Assembly has several tutorials so you can learn about it.

Copy, paste, cut, rotate, select, paint and do everything you can think of to get the perfect piece. As good app design (and pun intended) the app has a very nice design and aesthetics. The best thing is that it is free and you can test it by clicking this link.

Looklist :

look list ios

Looklist is an application for fashion inspiration and new ‘looks’ for both men and women. This detail seems to me the most important of this application, because often the apps in this field only focus on the female gender. You can save the best images of what you like, enlarge the pictures, search for specific items, see the last things in style and hairdressing and upload your own ‘outfits’. Each image has the possibility to find similar, if you have liked a particular style, as well as the source of the photo and the possibility of sharing it elsewhere or send a mail or message. It’s free and you can download it here.

Real Talk :


This application, although is in English, puts you in contact with different professionals and their experience, to learn from them and get tips on what they have achieved in their careers. Actors, advertisers and entrepreneurs are some of the many figures that are in Real Talk app, so that through interviews you know a little about their work and all they have to offer. The design of the app is very clean, and if you create a profile, you can save more interviews, later you can return and read them. Download it at this link.