Terraria For PC: A Truly Unique Game Experience

If you haven’t played Terraria before then you are in for a real treat. The first thing we would say is to not judge the game by some screen shots you see. Yes, it’s 2D and the graphics look a bit like a throwback to the 90s. But that’s also what makes this quite an appealing game to play.

The game motto is “Dig, Fight, Build!”. And that is essentially what you will be doing in this game. In many ways, it is a truly unique combination of some of the most popular types of games. You get to build up your base to prepare it for attacks.

You also have to dig for resources and extend your base underground. This happens over time and you need to find the perfect balance in your expansion strategy. Do you focus more on defenses or on attacking equipment? Options are limitless which makes this such a cool game to play.

You will also regularly come under attack where you have to develop your defensive strategies and moves. This is where a lot of the action is. And you can’t avoid it!

To help you grow you’ll also need to go on the attack to conquer other players. But be careful how you do this, as more advanced players will quickly strike you down with their defenses.

On this page, you’ll find details about what the gameplay is about and what you’ll need to get playing. There are now multiple available platforms available and you’ll get details about how to get set up on your Windows PC.

So, let’s find out how to download terraria for PC.

Terraria For Windows Installation Instructions

To get set up you really just need to follow a couple of simple instructions. No advanced degree in IT is required 😉

  • Head over to the Terraria website by clicking this link to ensure you get the latest version
  • Click on the Buy button in the center of the menu bar
  • Select PC as the platform you want to download
  • You then use the SteamPowered store to buy and download the game (this will require a credit card)
  • Once the download is complete simply launch the installer
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to choose a location for the game installation
  • Once the installation Is complete you are ready to go

You are now ready to play the full version of the game with all the features enabled. You’ll also have the latest update so you get every single one of the latest action features. Because the game is relatively simple and not very graphic intense, the system requirements are quite low as well.

Chances are that your desktop or laptop will be fully compatible, but you can always just check the following first:

  • Windows XP or later
  • 512 MB of RAM (Can you even get that low anymore)
  • 6 Ghz or faster processor
  • 200MB disk space
  • 128MB graphics card memory
  • DirectX 9.0 or later

None of these requirements should be a problem for computers bought in the last 6 years, but if you do have an older one, then it’s worth verifying this before you spend money on the game.

You can find hacked and free versions of the game out there, but we wouldn’t recommend you use them. In most cases, they are completely outdated versions. And you never know what kind of viruses or malware could be embedded in them.

How Much Does Terraria Cost On PC?

As mentioned we recommend you get the full paid for version as you’ll always get the latest updates as well. It’s only $10 for the desktop PC version which is very cheap. For the endless hours of entertainment, you’ll have available it’s a total steal.

There are cheaper versions of the game for iOS and Android. These will work excellently on your tablet or phone. And there is an option to get it set up on your computer using an emulator. Scrolls down to the app installation section for more info.

What Is Terraria About?

Basically, it’s a game that combines all of the most popular genres available today. Gamers like you love strategy games, where you have to think about your next moves. And building a small virtual empire is a lot of fun as you see it advance over time. You’ll make mistakes and then learn how to fix them to create a better defense.

But such strategy games usually lack in the action side of things. Some will allow you to attack, but it essentially doesn’t involve a huge amount of action. You try to conquer or defend. And the results are entirely dependent on stats about your offensive and defensive positions.

That’s very different in Terraria. The action here means real action like you get in third person shooters and jump and run games. You will come under attack and will have to actively defend. And when you head out to conquer other places you will need to do so by joining in some great action.

There really are no other games out there quite like this. Minecraft is somewhat of an exception but even there the action is very different. For full on simple 2D action you won’t find anything more fun than Terraria.

Why Is It So Popular?

First of all, let’s find out how popular it actually is. So far, the game has been downloaded an amazing 12 million times! Of all the simple games available these days that has to be up there with the most popular by download. It certainly exceeds some of the biggest and coolest ones.

But why is it that popular?

There really is no magic sauce that you can use to figure out which games will be popular. If there was then it would be easy to make a fortune on these types of games. But one thing is for sure. Terraria has triggered something really unique. And it’s surprising that not more of these have come along.

One of the stand out features about the game is that it combines a lot of different genres. Many people that like strategy games where you build a base. The same people will also like a bit of action and adventure. But up until this game was available, you had to settle for finding several games that you enjoyed.

With Terraria, you have the convenience of several different types of games to give you a huge amount of diversity. It just doesn’t get boring. And to keep you playing for years to come, you can also look forward to regular updates.

How Does It Work?

There are entire wiki sites dedicated to the game play and terraria PC controls. So, we won’t be able to get into the details here. But we do want to provide some tips to get you started when you have just downloaded the game.

The first thing to focus on is building some shelter. And the only way to do this is by chopping down some trees. So, you have to give the commands to start taking down trees. This will not take too long at the start, and the shelter will be hugely important for you to survive the cold nights and attacks by monsters.

Once you have enough wood you can start to build your shelter. This will require doors and lights and a work bench to make all the other accessories you need. Keep in mind that you can build multiple stories up to expand your home.

You can then do some exploring in the world around you to the left and right. Just be careful as there are a lot of monsters that you simply won’t be able to protect yourself against yet. This is especially the case with the dungeon which is to the left.

Next you want to start digging a hellevator. This is essentially a tunnel into the underworld. You need this also to start mining for metals and minerals. Once you have a few hours’ worth of game set up completed you can start experimenting with the action game. This will happen automatically as you come under attack from zombies and monsters.

Enjoy the fun and avoid using any cheats out there. They won’t help you get better at these early stages.

What Platforms Is Available On?

The game was originally released as Windows only and it stayed that way for a long time. However, in the last 12 months the developers have gone all out and created PlayStation version as well as iOS and Android. That essentially means that you can play it on the vast majority of devices out there.

One exception is Linux and Mac, where as of right now you’ll be out of luck. It’s a shame, but let’s face it, you probably have some sort of support mobile device to get it set up.

Alternative you can use an emulator to run the mobile app on Linux or your Mac.

We’ll have a closer look at that option in the next sections.

Can You Install The Mobile App On Your PC?

Terraria ForWindowsThe simple answer is yes, but with the help of an extra tool.

First though, the question a lot of people have is why would you want to install the mobile app if there is native desktop version? There are two simple answers to that question.

First of all, the mobile app is half the price of the desktop version. For some people saving $5 on a game means they can get a second other game as well. It’s good enough a reason for anyone.

Secondly, you might already have it paid for on your phone. Why would you go off and pay for the game again? There certainly is no reason when you can use a simple free piece of software that allows you to install the app.

Oh, and some people also prefer the way the game is played by touching certain parts of the screen. But on a desktop, you will be “touching” the screen with the mouse pointer.

What Solutions Do You Have?

One of the absolute best options available is to use the free Nox App Player. It’s free to download and free to use. And the great thing is that once it’s installed you can load a ton of other mobile apps and games. You could fully recreate your smartphone set up on your desktop.

It’s fun and convenient, and very easy to do:

  • First of all, download the latest version of Nox App Player
  • Once downloaded, launch the installer
  • Follow the onscreen instructions for the installation
  • Enter your Google account details, these are used to set up Google Play
  • Once the installation is complete you can launch the app
  • Now open up Google Play and search for Terraria
  • Simply download the game and you’re ready to go

None of this will require that you have some sort of advanced degree or masters in computing. If you’ve ever downloaded and installed software before then you will be more than qualified.

The app can just be launched whenever you need it or you can keep it open in the background. It’s simple to use and allows you to install tons of other mobile only apps. And who knows, maybe Terraria will end up turning into mobile only as well.


You won’t regret spending a few Dollars on getting Terraria installed on your computer or mobile device. There is a very good reason that 12 million other gamers have downloaded it. And you can join them in a matter of minutes. Nothing about the game is boring. And you’ll quickly get used to t the controls and strategies.

The action is where the fun is and once you a bit of experience you can also get started on the multiplayer actions as well. With the above instructions, you have the option for Windows native installation or to get the app installed using an emulator. Either way, prepare yourself for a lot of fun.