Telegram Has 100 Million Users Now

The instant messaging service continues to grow. Telegram has recorded 100 million users, a figure that confirms its high growth rate after adding 38 million new customers since last May and a total registration of 350,000 new users per day since the chat began to serve in 2013 , adapting to the Spanish language two years ago.

The data revealed by Pavel Durov, responsible for the company in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has provided more statistics on the growth of the network. Telegram is available in about 200 countries worldwide and its users sent 15,000 million messages a day through the network, a figure that has also increased since September were 12,000 millions of messages sent daily. However, these data are still far from those of the industry leader, WhatsApp, which has already exceeded 1,000 million users.


Telegram has appreciated on its official website the trust of its 100 million users. One of the keys to success Telegram is precisely the recommendation that their customers make the application to your friends, family and acquaintances, a fact that reflects the network itself on its website. The app continues to be updated regularly and recently added several new features to its secrets chats, whose characteristic is that messages encrypted to ensure privacy.