How to Take Complete Backup of your Facebook Profile Data in simple way

Have your ever thought to take backup copy of your Facebook data which include the Photos in which you are tagged, your events,News Feed, Comments,likes, Videos, Messages, wall posts, chat conversations,messages, email address of your friends is also included and almost all your complete Facebook profile data with official Facebook service in simple and easy way.yes it is possible check this out .

Facebook official service to Download your Complete Profile Data:-

Facebook lets you to Download your complete profile data from day one of your Facebook profile account in simple and easy way without using any Facebook apps or external third-party apps. 
Downloading your complete Facebook data from Facebook will take some time, Facebook will send you a E-mail to notify you with the download link when Facebook completes making an archive of your Facebook profile data which includes almost every thing related to your profile. In order to request download of Facebook profile data from Facebook Go the “Account Settings” after going to the Account settings on go the General Tab( By default this tab will be opened)  In General Tab you can see the “Download a Copy of Facebook Data” option below all the options.
When you Hit on this option to Download the Facebook profile data you will presented with a new page where Facebook will show you what data will be included and what data will not include  in the archive. ( I strongly recommend you to go through the information on this page before downloading the profile data) You can get the complete details from here on what data will be included in your archive.



After reading the information you can request Facebook to create a new archive and Mail you the download link.

Facebook had made two types of archives available

1) Normal Archive (By default this will be selected when you hit Start My Archive) and

2) Expand Archive ( which you have to select manually from the small link “expand archive”)

The first type of the archive will include only the basic data of your Facebook profile where are the “expanded archive” will have some extra information about your Facebook profile data.
Note: you must protect the archive as this will contain sensitive information about your Facebook profile.

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