Tabr To Organize Your Chrome Tabs And Boost Your Ram With One Click


Have you ever felt you have flooded your chrome tabs? Then try Tabr extension to keep your tabs under control.
Internet browser gradually is becoming the main layer, after the operating system, through which many work or tasks are carried out. Centralize any activity in the browser has its advantages and disadvantages, It is difficult to find a task that resists being made using a browser today. However, one of the biggest drawbacks is no doubt the number of tabs that we accumulate, so i bring you better manage Tabr, which will take control of the tabs, thanks to the variety of extensions Chrome browser provides.

The main function of Tabr, is to save the resources of our machine which can be considered a fundamental operation an extension should perform to those who are accumulating browser tabs. Thanks to the thumbnail view of the same, we can re-access any of the tabs grouped there, after the button at the top right corner of Chrome.

chrome extensionIt also lets you save sessions to retrieve at any time, the suspension of individual eyelashes and even those that the system itself automatically considers that consume too much memory. Although currently only available in English, its operation is very intuitive and will help us, from day one, to manage resources.