T-mobile Is Giving Away Freebies Every Tuesday

Clients of A-Shares carrier #GetThanked with T-Mobile, T-Mobile Tuesday. In a nationwide broadcast to millions of customers on Tuesday, through the web and social networks, John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile revealed the move eleventh iconic a company-carrier: #GetThanked, a series of initiatives dedicated exclusively to thank customers of T-Mobile.tmobile giveaway tuesday

In another unprecedented initiative, he presented Legere Stock Up ™, the first program of its kind that could turn millions of customers of T-Mobile into T-Mobile owners, something no other publicly traded company has done before. The Un-common carrier will offer a complete action of T-Mobile US (TMUS) to millions of new and existing customers. And customers can expand their holdings to 100 shares per year doing what they already do: recommending T-Mobile.

In addition, the A-carrier T-Mobile announced on Tuesday, a new app as a gratitude towards T-Mobile customers with free things and epic prizes every Tuesday. T-Mobile has partnered with some of the best brands to thank there customers every week, including Gilt, Domino’s, StubHub, Wendy’s, VUDU, Fandango, Legendary Pictures and Universal Pictures, Lyft and more … with new gifts and more partners for revealing every Tuesday.

“Get ready for an adjustment for gratitude, America! This move by the A-carrier is give you a good appreciation! No strings attached. No surprises. Just ‘thank you for being our customer!'” Said John Legere, President and CEO T-Mobile executive. “At T-Mobile, we wake up every day working for our customers, so I decided to return official and convert customers of T-Mobile owners of T-Mobile offering shares and welcome to our customers every week with great stuff. brands they love. Free. All the Tuesdays! ”

tmobiletuesdaysmainscreenT-Mobile also thanks its customers with a full hour of free Wi-Fi Gogo on your smartphone on all domestic flights equipped with Gogo, for all customers of T-Mobile. This means two thirds (67%) of all domestic aircraft and millions of flights annually. Of course sending messages by Gogo remains free for customers of A-carrier throughout the flight, but T-Mobile reinforces it with Messaging iMessage, Google (News – Alert) Hangouts, WhatsApp and free Viber on these flights.

T-Mobile is giving overturn this thanking customers without asking anything in return. Stock Up With and T-Mobile Tuesday’s, do not have to spend more, stay longer, accumulate points and qualify for elite special levels to receive a thank you for being a customer. A 11-carrier is T-Mobile shows their loyalty to their customers, not vice versa.

T-Mobile has become incredibly simple and easy, you get these gifts of thanks to mobile app T-Mobile Tuesdays. Just download the application and enter your phone number and you’re ready. The app will even remind you when you have something free on hold. The T-Mobile Tuesday’s are open to all customers of T-Mobile postpaid, prepaid and businesses. And remember: if you do not get your Tuesday thank-you gifts , you’ll obtain that the following Tuesday.

In addition, T-Mobile and Gogo is also activating iMessage, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp and Viber so customers can use their favorite apps messaging and stay connected-plus SMS messages-at 30,000 feet. So is free instant messaging and SMS, plus one hour of free Wi-Fi Gogo on your smartphone, all in the air and courtesy of A-carrier.