Start10 The First Alternative “Start” Menu For Windows 10

Which OS do u have? let  me guess windows7 or windows8, in spite of its popularity it certainly is very different from the traditional operating system interface and this modern interface is the main reason why many hate Windows 8. However, if you dare to work in Windows 8 a little more than 10 seconds, you should have noticed that under the Metro interface hides the old Windows, with the only except that it lacks the usual “Start” menu. This is the second main reason why so many people spit in the direction of this version of the operating system from Microsoft. If we exclude these significant differences, while others are quite small, and they quickly get used to.

start menu

Two important observations:

  1. To date, Windows 8 and 8.1 are the best operating systems from a technological point of view. There can be no two opinions on this issue. So if someone criticizes their quality, he simply is not aware. If you criticize the interface, it is an entirely separate issue, and here everyone is entitled to a personal opinion. My opinion is the same as the majority of users: Metro interface in general is quite inconvenient for devices without a touchscreen. The difference is that I do not go to extremes.
  2. In Windows 8.1 was returned missing “Start” button, but it does not “Start” menu. The button opens a standard Metro-screen (also known as the home screen). So, in practice, nothing has changed.

Why do I think that all of these are unnecessary and spitting exaggerated? Because Windows 8 might look almost like Windows 7 – in particular, you can easily return “Start” menu. It, however, will have some differences from that in Windows 7, but the biggest problem will be solved.

Microsoft’s approach to the design of the interface of Windows 8 has prompted some developers to create solutions that could bring back to life the characteristics of previous versions of the operating system.

One of the most popular and, without exaggeration, the best way to return “Start” menu is called Classic Shell. As distinguished and notorious company Stardock, releasing software Start8, which has the same goal – to return “Start” menu on the place.

Now Microsoft is developing a new Windows 10 with which to regain the trust of users, the company will offer a new “Start” menu, combining the best of old and new. However, in Stardock still felt the need to create their own, alternative “Start” menu for Windows 10.

On the eve of the company presented the program Start10, aimed at those who do not like the “Start” menu in Windows 10. Start10 replaces the standard menu its more traditional and similar to that in Windows 7, ie, without radical changes. Developers proudly call Start10 first alternative “Start” menu for Windows 10, but free Classic Shell was compatible with Windows 10 in December last year.

The new application offers a flexible configuration, and you, for example, if necessary, can delete “Start” button, select the size of the icons in the menu, hide the user’s picture and set many other parameters.

start menu 2

Now Start10 is in closed testing phase, and take part in it can only subscribers Stardock Object Desktop. To install the application requires Windows 10 January Technical Preview 9926. The final version should debut at the time of the official release of Windows 10 for about $ 5.