Top 8 Social Media Apps Marketers Should Use In 2019: Hottest And Coolest Apps To Build Your Business And Social Presence

Social media apps have continued to grow in scope and influence ever since broadband technology made the Internet more accessible in 2004. Even though social media networks existed earlier, you could make a case for 2004 being the jump-off point as this was the year Facebook started. For almost two decades, Facebook has changed the social media landscape.

The next jump-off point was 2014 when mobile became the primary source of online traffic. Consumers and business became more dependent on mobile technology; specifically the smartphone, to manage life and work. Mobile apps grew in use and popularity. Apps provided immediate solutions for project management, transportation, health and fitness, and marketing.

Marketers use popular social media apps extensively to help businesses gain traction. Because of social media’s reach, size, and influence, marketers made them mainstays in their digital marketing campaign strategy.

There are social media apps that can become valuable tools to help you implement your digital marketing campaign strategy more effectively.


Top 8 Social Media Apps That Marketers Should Use In 2019

Social media marketing isn’t just about posting content, engaging with the community, and earning “likes” or shares. Otherwise, all 2 Billion community members of Facebook would qualify as social media marketers.

In order to harness its power, social media marketing should be utilized as a component in a digital marketing campaign. It should provide support and contribute to the attainment of the campaign’s goals and penultimate objective.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a competitor who isn’t using social media marketing. He/she could have the same goals as you. The difference between staying ahead of and falling behind the competition could come down to who manages their social media marketing more effectively.

Therefore, for your social media marketing efforts to reap success, you must approach it with thought, purpose, and strategy.

Here are the top social media apps that marketers should use to achieve their goals in 2019.

  1. Crello

    The rule of attraction applies even to social media content: The first attraction is always visual. Having well-designed graphics or images adorn your content is an effective way of drawing attention to your content. With Crello, you don’t have to be a Graphic Designer to create innovative, thought-provoking, and high quality images.

    Crello gives you 10,000 design templates to choose from. In addition, you can peruse through their gigantic collection of stock images and other design elements to make your social media content stand out even more.

    This amazing all-in-one social media marketing app is so easy to use and highly-navigable. Do you want to flex your creative muscles and design graphics from scratch? Crello will let you do that too.

  2. Fastory

    Who doesn’t like a good story? Storytelling is one of the most powerful drivers of social media content. It’s one reason image-heavy social media platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp have continued to gain a strong following.

    Popular social media apps Instagram and WhatsApp each have 300 million subscribers sharing their stories on a daily basis. Another 70 million are doing the same on Messenger. Fastory is a social media app that makes storytelling easier and more visually appealing.

    Basically, Fastory is an online graphics editor. This is a fun social media app for creative marketers. It will allow you to bring your concepts to life through animation.

    Fastory is easy to use. Simply choose an animation that is relevant to your text content. Then upload a video or image file before placing your business logo. Hit “publish” and it will email the file to you. From there, you can decide to distribute it to Instagram, WhatsApp, or SnapChat.

  3. Planoly

    For your social media marketing plan to work, all of its component parts must come together. As mentioned, it’s not just about posting on Facebook once-a-day.

    Each piece of content must support one another. Otherwise, your target audience would not be able to connect with your message and harm your brand-building efforts.

    Planoly is a social media planner app which perfectly supports image-based platforms such as Instagram. It will present your post in a grid format so you can see how it will look before you decide to post it.

    Planoly will also give you valuable information on page visits and engagement rates generated by every single one of your posts.

  4. Signal

    Business is competition. Marketing is an activity that can create opportunities for you to stay ahead of your competitors. The law of comparative advantage will encourage others to try and find out what you are up to. Thus, it is important to keep your plans under wraps.

    Signal is a valuable tool for social media marketers because it works to make sure the communication and information you share with your clients are kept confidential. It uses a high-tech, end-to-end encryption program that protects all content shared on the network.

    You want to be assured of Signal’s reliability? Former CIA agent and whistle-blower Edward Snowden loves Signal!

  5. Botletter

    One of the fastest growing and popular social media marketing apps is Facebook Messenger. It is not just an app for chatting or sending private messages. You can use Messenger to deliver content to your target audience much like you would via email.

    Think of Botletter as your email marketing tool. The only difference is that with Botletter, you deliver your content to Messenger. What can you do with Botletter?

    You can customize your message, add images, include a title, and insert a call-to-action. The app will also provide you with valuable data to help you analyze the performance of your campaign.

  6. Storyheap

    What? Another one of these social media marketing apps that supports storytelling? That’s how popular storytelling is today with social media marketers!

    With Storyheap, you can manage the stories you plan to post on Instagram and Snapchat.  Remember, all components of your social media marketing campaign must fall into place for your message to be delivered accurately.

    Storyheap is a social media app that lets you create, schedule, and evaluate the performance of your shared stories. All you need to do is upload your image or video file. Then, choose the posting time. Storyheap will take it from there.

    It will place your content on queue to make sure it gets published according to your targeted time.

  7. Swiipe News

    Research is a big part of social media marketing. You need to stay constantly updated on developments on your industry or area of interest. News is a great source of content ideas.

    For social media marketers whose calendars are packed with things-to-do, it may be difficult to find time to surf the Internet for relevant news.

    Swiipe News is one of the best social media marketing apps to use for your research needs. It takes away the effort and makes it easier for you to find relevant content simply by swiping through headlines.

    You won’t waste time scrolling down a never-ending stream of content that is not usable or relevant to your interest.

  8. Promo

    Videos have been proven to be more effective than text- based content when it comes to delivering your message. It appeals to multiple senses: sight, sound, feel and can trigger powerful emotions that help align the message with the recipient.

    With Promo in your social media marketing tool box, you don’t have to be a professional videographer to create compelling videos. It gives you access to more than 2.8 Million licensed video clips and music.

    According to users of Promo, it only takes a few minutes to create amazing videos that you can post to your various social media accounts.

    Promo will also allow you to use your own customized video. All you need to do is upload your content and add your logo. This is one of the best social media marketing apps you should have in your online marketing toolbox.


If your business still isn’t using social media, you are undermining its opportunities for growth and success. Social media networks draw a large community of users every day: 3 Billion.

That’s nearly half of the world’s population of 7.8 Billion people. Social media marketing is the bridge that connects you with this huge market of potential end-users. Using social media as a marketing tool should no longer be a choice; it is a must.

And if your business is on social media, you have to stay updated because social media apps are likewise evolving. Apps after all, are solutions-based. The future of social media technology will continue to evolve and find ways to make the marketer’s job easier and more efficient.

The apps we presented here will help you produce expected results in the top social media marketing platforms.