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New Snapchat Update Allows To Create Custom Stickers On iOS

Snapchat recently acquired Bitstrips for 100 million, and today the social network has announced that its application will integrate Bitmoji. It was only in March when Snapchat announced the acquisition of Bitstrips, the company that owns the app Bitmoji, and now is the time we can look at the reason of this purchase. According to a creative company official statement, from today it is possible to send the stickers and custom Emoji Bitmoji in conversations and snaps. Bitmoji fro iphone

What is Bitmoji? How to use it ?

Bitmoji is the application that lets you create custom Bitstrips emoji. This new integration between Snapchat and Bitstrips allow users to use the Emoji Bitmoji directly in Snapchat.bitmoji 2

In order to start using this tool, users must download the application Bitmoji on there smartphone completely free from appstore. Then from Snapchat adjustments(settings) user may select the option to connect their accounts of the two applications. The bitmojis are not new, as the app is available for quite some time, but has gone unnoticed by most users.

Once synced your Snapchat accounts and Bitmoji, you can create and use your custom emojis the social network messaging, and include Bitmojis in chat or use them as stickers on your Snaps.

The application of Bitmoji also received an update, so your home screen changed and to start using it, you asked to register using your Snapchat account.

How Bitmoji work?

It is important to note that the version of IOS Bitmoji that is compatible with Snapchat is the When you download the app you must create a bitmoji that has a similar to you or any of your friends appearance. You can choose the skin tone, hair and of course some of their physical features. When you get ready, you must go to the option of linking the bitmoji with Snapchat, and presto!

When you’ve completed the process, you can go to the Snapchat app and review section of the stickers, there you will find your bitmoji and you send it through an image or video that you make in the app, just like a traditional sticker.

Here is the fun comic to understand Bitmoji :