Snapchat Hack – Save snapchat videos and photos from your iPhone

An amazing iPhone Snapchat hack for 2017

Snapchat did a great job a long time ago of removing the ability for third party apps to allow you to save snapchat pictures and videos when you receive them. Apps like Snapsave and Snapbox made a fortune charging users in the form of tokens to save the Snapchats they received. Those apps are now obsolete, and Snapchat seems to have achieved the result they were after – a social media platform where your images and videos last temporarily (well on your smartphone anyway)

There are still ways to save both Snapchat pics and videos, its not as simple as tapping a save button within one of the third party apps, but nonetheless it is still quite straightforward and best of all, it’s FREE!

Install Snapchat on your Windows PC or Mac using Bluestacks


There are 2 ways to do this that are similar in execution, and both are free, although the process explained here requires you to have both a Mac computer running the latest version of OSX Sierra – and an iPhone 4 or above.

What you need to do first:

Obviously you will need a Snapchat account that is already set up and receiving snaps – if not, that is the first thing you should do, you can download the app here.
Once Snapchat is installed on your iPhone and you are logged in, you are going to want to plug your iPhone into the Mac via the lighting charger cable supplied. If you don’t have the original genuine charger cable, that’s fine, a generic lightning cable will still achieve the same result.


Once your IPhone is plugged into your Mac via the cable connection, open QuickTime player, and select file / New Movie Recording (View the screenshots below) A blank window will pop up with a red record button in the middle lower half. Next to this red record button is an arrow pointing down – click that arrow and select your iPhone name from the drop down list. Also make sure you select your iPhone from the audio recording section also so that the sound from your iPhone is recorded (your phone must NOT be in vibrate / silent mode for this to operate correctly)

Record a Snapchat on your mac

record snapchat using quicktime

Save snapchat videos:

The process is quite simple from here, go ahead and unlock your iPhone and open Snapchat (Ensure it stays plugged in) you should see a duplicate of your iPhone’s screen on your Mac desktop now. Simply press record first, and then scroll through to the Snapchat you wish to save. Let the Snapchat video play through until the end, and you will have recorded the session on your mac as an MP4 video file. You will also have recorded the audio directly from the iPhone so it should be sharp with no interference. Now all you need to do is save the video to your desired location on your Mac and there you have it – you can keep that Snapchat video forever! And the person that sent is not notified of you saving it.

Saving a Snapchat image:

The process is quite simple to save Snapchat pictures too, you can record the screen and save a video of you scrolling through these Snapchats, or to save on hard drive memory, you can simply tap to view the image on your phone, and then immediately take a full screenshot of your mac desktop by pressing Command + Shift + 3 at the same time. This will of course save more that the iPhone screen view – it will save your entire desktop as an image, but you can crop that image later in the Mac’s native preview app. Again, screenshotting the Snapchat like this will not alert the user that you have done so.

Save a snapchat story from iphone

As much as Snapchat may have tried to stop this sort of thing happening, there will always be a way to get around the obstacles that are put in place – where there’s a will, there’s a way!

This concludes the first method of saving Snapchat Videos and photo’s, the second method is aimed at users with a windows PC using a 3rd party free software.

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Happy Snapchatting