Skype Introduces Real-Time Language Translator On Video Chat


Have you ever thought you will be able to speak in other language without learning it .Well now you canĀ  Skype is making it possible.

Chat Service from Microsoft, launched on Monday, the first step of the translation preview of Skype was announced in May. Developed in collaboration with researchers and engineers of Skype, Microsoft, and the use of new techniques in real-time voice translation feature, allowing you to talk with anyone on the Internet that can speak different languages.

This additional feature of skype will convert your your language into the language known by other person on the other end and similarly translates it back to you when the person speak . That too in real-time and swiftly without any video lag .

At this point, the function is still very limited. It only works with Spanish and English, but Microsoft said it plans to add more languages soon. At the same time, translated into over 40 different languages, if you’re instant messaging alone, without speaking. You’ll also need a device running Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 technical preview to try it right now.Translation Skype based on machine learning, which means that they become a more intelligent use of technology,” the team wrote in a blog of Skype. We started with English and Spanish, and as more and more people are using Skype preview with translation, and continuous quality improvement.”
Lets hope they will soon be ready with different languages .

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