Simple Steps To Install Tinder For PC

If you are on the dating scene and are regularly use online dating platforms then tinder is probably one of the main apps you use on a regular basis. It is growing to be by far one of the most popular and simple to use platforms for anyone looking for a date in their area.

Using the app on your Android or iOS phone is very convenient, and in most cases you will prefer to use the mobile app. But a lot of people have shown interest in a web or desktop version of the app. So far this is not something that Tinder are going to introduce and their focus will remain on building out the functionality of the app.

It is great that you can look forward to more features on your Tinder app, but if you’d really like to get the app running on your PC then this guide will help you achieve that. If you want to jump ahead to the installation instructions and get set up with our free software recommendation, then scroll to the bottom of this page. Otherwise, keep reading to find out more about the app and its features.

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What Is Tinder?

If by any chance you have not experienced using tinder then you really have been missing out. It has become the go to dating app because it takes out all the nonsense that other platforms build in.

The first thing you do as a user is to set up your profile by adding ideally a great selfie. You then add some profile information about some facts on who you are, what you like and anything that may be interesting about you.

You also need to provide some information about the type of person you are looking for and that does not just mean gender.

Tinder then uses its algorithm to try and match you up with people that are around you. If you are out and about this could even mean someone sitting right next to you.

To show whether you are interested in meeting up with someone that has been matched with you, you use the swipe feature on the profile picture. To indicate that you are interested you swipe right and your interest is then sent over to the that person. If they then confirm their own interest, the app allows you to arrange a date for you to meet up.

It really is that simple and this can allow you to set up a date on the fly no matter where you are.

Why Run Tinder On A PC?

Apps Windows 10Some of you will be thinking that running tinder on your PC does not make much sense. Why go through the effort when you can just use the app while on the go?

The answer to this question is mainly down to personal preferences, and the fact that many people spend a lot of time on their desktop PC. If you have a smaller smartphone then the screen size and resolution will be quite limiting. It can be so limiting, that when you scanning through tinder profile pictures you may not get the full picture.

By setting up the app on your PC you can go take advantage of full screen resolution which will mean you can see much more detail in potential dates’ profile pictures. Once you get used to using the ap on your PC you will likely use a lot more often than your phone.

But if Tinder are not making a Windows version of the app then how can you get the app installed?

Introduction To Emulators

The solution to this problem is actually really simple and it will not require you to learn advanced IT skills. Thankfully some very clever people have come to your rescue and have created software that allows you to install basically any of your favorite apps.

The two most popular options for you to consider are Bluestacks and Nox App Player, which have become the most dominant emulators. Essentially an emulator will create a virtual mobile OS environment that then allows you to install and launch mobile Android and iOS apps directly on your PC.

Nox App Player is the emulator you should consider, but you can install both options to find out which one best for you. What you will like the most is the fact that Google Play store is preinstalled. If you follow the below instructions you will see how easy this emulator is to use for Tinder and all other apps as well.

Installation Instructions

The installation process has been made incredibly simple and you will not require in-depth knowledge and IT skills. To make it totally fool proof for you we have created a step by step list that makes sure you are up and running in just a few minutes.

Here are the steps you can should follow to complete the set up:

  • Download Nox App Player from this link to get the newest version
  • Once the download is complete, launch the installer to get started
  • On screen instruction are really easy for you to follow
  • Once installation is complete you can click on the start button
  • The first thing you have to do is enter you Google Account info
  • Now you are ready to launch Nox App Player where you will see Google Play available
  • Launch Google Play and download Tinder app
  • When you launch Tinder you just need to enter your account info and you are ready to go viewing profiles

That’s basically it and you will be able to check out potential dates directly on your PC.


You might be using Tinder on your phone the majority of times. But if you really want to take a closer look at someone’s profile picture then a larger screen on your laptop or desktop computer will be a far better option.

With the above installation instructions you can get the app running with completely free software. Just give it a try and see if you find the same advantages as many other users have.