Simple Guide to Create a Strong Password

Every time we wonder what should be our password while registering or signing-up for a website so that no one can enter by guess or even through brutefore method. Have you ever wondered that password put in some new website, an email or a social network, it is normal to create a password ain’t it, always use our date of birth, name of our mentor, any anniversary date or the name of a superhero. In some cases often choose the classic “123456” or “password” dont we ? .


In today’s cyber world methods for cyber-criminals for decrypting password’s is easier and more over if you decide to use 123456, 654321 or password as your password.

Today many companies like IBM, McAfee, State of the Net, among other companies make studies of the vulnerability of passwords, some examples of errors when creating passwords are:

  • A capital letter followed by lowercase letters
  • An uppercase, lowercase and number three
  • Or even worse, passwords less than 8 digits with all lowercase letters without numbers.

We note that for a secure password, we can use special characters as they can be (“# $% & / () = @ _-) those are some special characters that you can use when creating a password.

Now how can we create a secure password? :

so here are some tips for a secure password creation.

  1. Must have at least 8 characters.
  2. Not contain the user name, real name or a common or a famous name.
  3. Do not take a whole word.
  4. Must be different from previous passwords.
  5. And it must be composed of different characters, here are the categories:
  • Capital letters           A, B, C
  • Lowercase letters     a, b, c
  • Numbers                    0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
  • Special characters    `~! @ # $% ^ & * () _ – + = {} [] |:; “‘<>,. ? /

To create a strong password, you must take a combination of all characters mentioned above.but most of you may get the doubt how do i build it.

But how do I build my password?

You can do it in different ways, you take a common phrase as a day of independence, you can convert #Indepen&ence @ but remember to be a memorable phrase, so you wont have problems a couple of weeks of disuse.

Another example may be the password through a series of words, such as:

Phrase : tarun is a techie

Password: t@runis@Techie.Lets make it more complex T@ru^is@_techi3

Well there is other simple yet efficient method of choosing your password 

  • always remember choose random words that strike to in your mind like “rotten potato” ,”sober sandy” haha what not sounds weird but yes these kind of passwords are hard do break that too if you use capital,small,special characters and stuff.example “rotten potato” –> “r0tt3^p0t@t0” .isn’t it simple.
  • other best thing i suggest is combine all the languages you speak and make a phrase and to that add special characters, capital, small alphabets.

As you can see, you can catch phrases or sentences have sight or that are easy to remember and then create a new word that is our password, then we can make it more difficult by adding capital letters, numbers and special characters and the more digits you have, the more difficult decipher.


I leave this page which will tell you how long it takes to decrypt your password: