How To Run SnapChat On Rooted Android Devices

How To Run SnapChat On Rooted Android Devices

SnapChat is a social networking platform which has a good and huge fan response recently. With this application you can simply share the Photos and Videos with ease. It can also be known as one of the famous Video sharing application. The best thing that most of us love about this application is that the messages, videos or images that we send to any of our friends only stay online for few seconds after they have sent that and it automatically gets deleted. Recently most of the pro android users are facing a problem with SnapChat. The problem is nothing but the issue that they cannot use SnapChat on their rooted android device. So we have found a way for you all people who are facing this issue. And in this post we will be helping you out with that by telling “How you can Run SnapChat on Your rooted android device”.

How To Run SnapChat On Rooted Android Device

How To Run SnapChat On Rooted Android Phone ?

So if you have a rooted android device and need a way to use SnapChat even on your device, then you can simply follow the steps below to run SnapChat on Android device. This method is actually simple and to apply this method you need to use a android smart phone which is rooted and allows to run Xposed installer. So simply follow the methods below to run Snapchat on your rooted Android device.

  1. As we have already mentioned that you need to have a android phone which allows you to install the Xposed Installer. The first thing that you need to do is to Install Xposed Installer on your rooted Android device.
  2. Now after you have installed Xposed Framework on your rooted android device the other most important thing that you need to do to Run Snapchat on your rooted device is to get Xposed Module that Root cloak the Snapchat application. This step is very important to run SnapChat on Your Android devices.Run SnapChat On Rooted Android Phone
  3. After you have installed the RootCloak, now you will need to go to Xposed installer and enable this application. This application allows you to hide your app from getting root details.
  4. Now, after you have changed all the things as mentioned above the next thing that you need to do is to simply reboot your android device so that setting and changes of the apps made in the above steps are applied and they work properly.
  5. Now simply go to RootCloak application, where you will find an option to add and remove apps from that. So, there you will be need to click on that and add the SnapChat app in that list.How To Run SnapChat On Rooted Android Phone Trick
  6. By doing the above step you are going to add SnapChat to the list of applications on your android device where root details are not shown to those applications in that list. And then after you have saved them all, close all of the applications.
  7. Also it will be better to reboot your android device once again after you have done all the steps as listed above so that no app gets crashed while using and all of the applications on your phone works properly.

So, in this way you can use  SnapChat on your Rooted android device. This is the best and the easiest method that you can use, to use SnapChat on your rooted devices. This method is simple and the only thing that you need to do to use third party application is to get a Android device which is rooted and which allows  Xposed installer to be installed.

Best Way On How To Run SnapChat On Rooted Android Phone

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