How to Run Google Chrome OS from Pen Drive/USB

Do you want to have a look at the Google Chrome OS on your PC without installing on your computer before buying the ChromeBook. Then you should be trying out this trick to run the Chrome OS on your computer. This is same like running the Linux operating system from the pen drive, So all you need is the image file of the Chrome OS and the Image Writer.

Even though the Chrome OS is made open source by the Google, It doesn’t provide any official builds of Chrome Operating System, So we will be using the unofficial version of Chrome OS which are built by the software developer Hexxeh. Chrome OS is available in two flavors vanilla and Lime. The developer had discontinued the support to the Lime and mentions that never return to the support of the Lime flavor, so We will be using the Vanilla flavor which is supported by the developer.

Follow the steps one by one to Run Google Chrome OS from Pen Drive/USB

  • Download the Chrome OS vanilla flavor image copy from the Hexxeh website for your windows computer from here [offcial Link]
  • Now extract the downloaded file with 7zip or winzip or any other your favorite extraction tool.
  • After extracting you will get a single file i.e Chrome OS vanilla in the extracted folder.
  • Now we need to write the image file to the pendrive/USB drive
  • To write the image file we need a Image writer so download the windows image writer from here [offical link] recommended by the developer of chrome os vanilla version. If you are having any other image writer then you use them. (In this post I am using the Image Writer recommended by the developer).
  • After completion of the Image Writer on your computer launch the Image Writer and select the image file location as shown in the below image.

chrome=os-image writer

  • After selection of the path of the image file on your computer in Image writer click on write.( Make sure you have seleted the proper usb/pendrive).
  • That’s it you have installed the chrome os on your pendrive /USB.

Booting Google Chrome OS on Computer:

In the above steps we has completed installation of the chrome os on the pen drive, Now in these steps we shall see how we can boot chrome os on your computer.

Follow these steps to boot chrome os on your computer:

  • Plug your pen drive and restart your computer.
  • Now hit F2/F8 to open the BIOS settings. (Refer your computer manual for more information to access the BIOS settings these differ from manufacturer to manufacturer )
  • Check if the Booting from USB devices is enabled or not if not enable it.
  • After enabling the option set the boot order in which the chrome os should be the first one (So that it can override your default system from booting ).
  • Now save the settings and Enjoy the Chrome OS on your computer.

If you are having any problem do let me know. I will help you to fix and enjoy the chrome OS

In the next post I will show you how you can experience the chrome os directly from your windows 8 pc without installing any thing except the chrome browser.